Skoda launches ‘2014 CitiJet’ Concept through apprentice project

2014 Skoda CitiJet Concept 2 Skoda launches ‘2014 CitiJet’ Concept through apprentice project

Last year, for the first time Czech carmaker Skoda launched an ‘Apprentice Car’ project with aim of giving encouragement to the teamwork, creativity and skills of the vocational students who are working as apprentices of Skoda. Starting from November 2013, 16 Skoda apprentices worked on their dream with full creative freedom. During this time they were helped by Jozef Kaban, Škoda Head Designer and his team at Škoda production. After working for six months, the result was finally conceived. The result was a design concept, the sporty cabriolet ‘Škoda CitiJet’. The car was presented to the public for the first time at the prestigious 2014 GTI event held at Wörthersee.

Bohdan Wojnar who is a Board Member, HR at Skoda, said on the occasion, “The Škoda CitiJet is a fantastic achievement from our students and shows the creativity and imagination of the new generation of Škoda employees.” Skoda Head Designer Jozef Kaban under whose supervision the project was executed said, “Our apprentices have put their hearts and souls into this vehicle. Every little detail, no matter how small, was discussed, agreed upon and put into practice by the team. It was a real team effort. The outcome, a unique and emotional car, of which everybody involved, should be very proud of.”

The ‘Škoda CitiJet’ is a livelier and dynamically designed convertible version of the popular Škoda Citigo. The exterior has been given a distinctive metallic paint in blue or white shades. The 16-inch alloy wheels have been given an attractivw blue color. It has also been fitted with a hand crafted rear spoiler and a twin tailpipe exhaust. The car will run on run on 1.0 liter MPI petrol engine that can produce 55 kW (75 PS). The interior also looks sporty and inspired by the cabin of Škoda Citigo Sport model. The main features are- leather touch and red stitching for the three-spoke steering wheel , gear knob and handbrake handle, seat covers and floor mats built with special ‘Sport’ material, 300 watt sound system and LED lighting that reacts to music.



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