2014 Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept

2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept 1 2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept

2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept 4 2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept

2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept Interior 3 2014 Toyota FT 1 Graphite Concept

In the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the Japanese auto maker, Toyota, revelled the new Toyota FT-1 concept. Since then, there have been numerous rumours in the virtual as well as the real world. The new concept model holds on the company’s sporting vehicle heritage and stands in the same segment with the cars like the Supra, Celia, MR2 and of course Scion FR-S. The new car is accepted as a successor of the older Supra, by many. The model has been welcomed by many car enthusiasts for its great design and shape. The model features a better and stunning exterior as well as an up graded interior. A racy, new body structure is made, which has got dominating purposeful air intake vents on the front and the rear bumpers. New metallic graphite paint makes the car look even more stunning. In order to add more of a racing feel, the company installed the new headlights, although it looks somewhat like the old headlights from the Supra.

The back of the car really gives a better sporty feel, with the exhaust pipes fitted in the bumper and the air vents, situated in the lower part, give an appealing look to the rear end of the car. Although whether or not the FT-1 will become a reality remains to be a big question, the company claims to make the model into a real car, as soon as possible.

The cabin inside in the concept car is made by drawing inspirations from the world of high end leather handbags. The center divided cabin comes with a rich leather interior which is finished by painted stitching. The cabin comes in a dual color combination and it really gives a feel like Bentley, sitting inside the car, due to the quality of leather used in it.


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