2015 Datsun mi-DO details

2015 Datsun mi DO 2 2015 Datsun mi DO details

2015 Datsun mi DO 4 2015 Datsun mi DO details

2015 Datsun mi DO Interior 4 2015 Datsun mi DO details

Japanese brand Datsun (owned by Nissan) recently entered the Russian market with its sedan ‘on-Do’. The brand feels there is immense potential for it in the market of Russian federation. Already Datsun is ready with its second offering, a sporty hatchback based on the ‘on-Do’ which has been named ‘mi-Do’. The car had its official debut at recently concluded 2014 Moscow International Motor Show. On that occasion , Datsun’s global head Vincent Cobee had said that they are fully committed to the Russian market and this is the just the beginning for them. He also felt that the Russian car buyers have liked Datsun’s policy of offering a new foreign made car at a very affordable price.

The naming on the new car also signifies the combination of International heritages. The word ‘Do’ in Japanese means moving and also a way of doing things. On the other hand the word ‘mi’ to a Russian speaker is equivalent to the word ‘me’ English. So in a way the name of the car refers to its unique personality and individuality. To support the buyers in Russia, Datsun has already established 25 dealerships in important locations across the entire region. It has plans to established 75 more within the next two years. Not just that, Datsun is also offering financing for customers and covering every car with a 100,000 kms/ three year warranty.

The new ‘mi-Do’ has a five door body style and a strong appearance. Its front fascia is dominated by Datsun’s signature ‘D Cut’ grille. The projector headlamps are now more elongated than before and stretch the entire length from grille and fender.  The car will run on a 1.6 liter 8V engine that can generate 87 hp of power. The standard transmission is five-speed manual while an optional four speed automatic version is also available. Deliveries will start from early next year.


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