2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept

2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept 2 2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept

2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept 10 2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept

2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept Interior 2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept

French car maker Citroen was established in 1919 by industrialist Andre Citroen. It is credited as the first mass car production company outside America. Citroen is also considered as the pioneer of the sales and servicing network concept that has become an integral part of the automobile industry. Citroen is famous for the innovative engineering of its cars and is one of Europe’s leading car makers. In 2009, the car maker announced that it will be launching a sub brand that will focus on premium cars, called the DS (Different Spirit or Distinctive Series). The name is obviously inspired by the legendary ‘Citroen DS’ car. The first car in the range was the ‘Citroen DS3’ that came out in 2010. It was followed by ‘DS4’ (2010) ‘DS5’ (2011) and the China only ‘DS 6WR’ (2014). In four years more than 500,000 DS cars have sold all over the world.

Apart from these production cars Citroen has also showcased some unique concept cars, the latest being the ‘Divine DS’ that has been unveiled before its official debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October. The new concept car also marks the start of DS as a totally separate division as the car has no Citroen name or badging in its body. CEO of DS, Yves Bonnefont has described the car as an expression of the brand’s expertise showcasing the very essence of the DS brand. It is a alliance between modern technology and sophisticated styling. The new concept car is clearly an up-market vehicle which can challenge the likes of VW Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane if put in production.


The ‘Divine DS’ is visually striking. The radiator grille carries the DS logo and is flanked by diamond shaped chrome pieces that can reflect light. Another striking thing is the design of the roof that looks like the scaled body of a reptile. These contrasting scales can give alternating effects like satin and matt, transparent and opaque. It reveals the outside and inside light of the car with the help of changing reflections. The scale pattern is stretched till the rear windows and is seen on the door mirrors also. Apparently there is no rear window in the car. The door handles are hidden and so are the bumpers. The car sits on stylish 20 inch wheels. For a hatchback, the new ‘Divine DS’ is extremely good looking.

The interior design is even more remarkable than the exterior. The interior styling features Swarovski crystals on the dashboard and the door panels and it is also used in the headlights and exterior lines. DS has teamed up with one France’s most famous embroidery houses, Maison Lesage for the interior design. DS is introducing a new concept, ‘HYPERTYPAGE’ that offers multiple interior trim options with top quality materials that are generally in the fashion industry. There are three interior ‘dress code’ options:

  • Mâle- modern yet sober, uses natural carbon fibre, textile, and burnished leather. The color theme is red and black with pearl stitching.
  • ‘Parisienne Chic’- a flavor of French elegance and sophistication. Materials are taken from the field of haute couture, ivory leather with pleated silk satin and embroidered beads and crystals. Sewn by the famous fashion house Lesage.
  • Fatale Punk- a dark, bold rock style ambience, with black padded leather with crystals. The door panel scrolls are wrapped with in Swarovski Fabric that contains millions of crystal.


The ‘Divine DS’ runs on the 1.6-litre turbocharged engine also seen in the new ‘Peugeot RCZ R’ car. The engine can develop power of 270bhp and torque of 244lb ft.


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