2014 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept

2014 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept 3 2014 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept

American car brand Dodge and auto service organization Mopar both are owned by Chrysler and have a long history of collaborating for the racing circuit. Apart from other areas of racing, these two companies have achieved more or less regular success in the field of drag racing. Whether on the local level or at the very top level of drag racing, these two names are always a force to reckon with. After a period of dull, Dodge is slowly making a comeback and off late, attracted considerable media coverage. Looking to capitalize on this new found attention and to add to its long heritage, Dodge has once again teamed with Mopar and developed a new test vehicle. Recently Dodge has unveiled the 2015 ‘Mopar Challenger Drag Pak’ test car. The launch of the new car also coincides with the 50th anniversary of Mopar’s use of the now famous Gen II Hemi 426 engine.

The car has been built using the latest ‘Dodge Challenger’ platform. Although at this moment, it does not feature Dodge’s super powered Hellcat engine (707 hp), it is quite formidable racing package nonetheless. Mopar has taken a stock ‘Challenger’ car and added a full roll cage that is built to comply with specs of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Both the rubber front tire (28×4.5-inch) and back tire (30×9-inch) is ready for drag racing. They have been developed by Hoosier. The vehicle is powered by a huge 7.0-liter (426 cubic inch) Hemi Race V8 engine. However, Dodge is yet to make the output levels clear. The engine is paired with a Chrysler 727 auto transmission. The rear area of the car has been built to make it suitable for the rigorous task of drag racing. The rear axle  is solidly built with a 9 inch aluminum made third member. There is also adjustable shock absorbers and an anti-sway bar.


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