Peugeot to showcase ‘208 Hybrid Air 2L’

2015 Peugeot 208 Hybrid Air 2L Peugeot to showcase ‘208 Hybrid Air 2L’

Renowned French car maker Peugeot will all set to unveil the new ‘208 Hybrid Air 2L’ at the 2014 Paris Motor Show to be held in October. This is not a production model but a concept car that is meant to explore the possibilities of hybrid car architecture. The car is fitted with both a compressed air engine and a regular petrol engine. The new HYbrid Air technology puts to use compressed air to help the petrol engine and brings in maximum possible efficiency during actions like start and acceleration. The architecture consists of a compressed-air tank that is placed below the boot. There is also a low-pressure tank that works as an expansion chamber. Other components include a hydraulic system in the engine area (has a pump and motor).

When the car is in the ‘Air mode’, it uses only compressed air and does not consume any fuel. When switched to the petrol mode, it only puts to use the engine. There is also a combined mode that is suited for driving in urban areas, especially in case of acceleration and standing starts.

The design of the car has been tweaked to support aerodynamics. The car has a lower stance, tailgate spoiler and front air intakes.


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