2015 HSV Gen-F GTS Maloo

2015 HSV Gen F GTS Maloo 1 2015 HSV Gen F GTS Maloo

2015 HSV Gen F GTS Maloo 5 2015 HSV Gen F GTS Maloo

Holden Special Vehicles was established back in 1987 as a joint venture between major Australian car maker Holden ( GM Holden) and the firm Tom Walkinshaw Racing. HSV modifies popular Holden models and enhance their performances. Only last year HSV received the feat of building the most powerful production car of Australia, ‘GEN-F GTS’. This year HSV is ready to woo car buyers with another very special limited edition model, the ‘Gen-F GTS Maloo’. HSV’s MD Tim Jackson has said that work has been going on this project for some years now. He claimed that the new model will set a benchmark in the world of performance cars. The main challenge of HSV engineers was to integrate the mighty powerful LSA engine into the Maloo platform at the same time keeping the safety and performance aspects of the car intact. Only 250 units of the car will be built. 240 will be sold in Australia and 10 in New Zealand.

The limited edition ‘GTS Maloo’ will be fitted with the Supercharged 6.2 liter LSA engine with 430 kilowatt power and torque of 740 Nm. To complement the LSA engine HSV has added premium light- weight AP forged brake calipers with 6 pistons. Not only that but perhaps for the first time a utility vehicle like the ‘Maloo’ will have Torque Vectoring. The vehicle also has Electronic Stability Control. Alongside the launch of the new car, two new colors have been added for HSV cars- range: a rich red/bronze shade and Jungle olive green.

The ‘GTS Maloo’ will come with performance seats covered in Onyx leather. or the optional red leather., set off an interior which also features a broad range of driver convenience and safety technologies. Other notable additions include Head-up Display, Collision Alert, auto wipers, warning for Lane Departure etc. There is a Driver Interface that will provide necessary performance data to the driver.


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