New 2015 Suzuki Vitara revealed

2015 Suzuki Vitara 1 New 2015 Suzuki Vitara revealed

2015 Suzuki Vitara 6 New 2015 Suzuki Vitara revealed

The compact SUV/ off-roader Vitara/ Grand Vitara was originally sold in Japan as the ‘Suzuki Escudo’ and in the USA market as the ‘Sidekick’ between 1988 to 1998. Since 1999, it became known as the ‘Vitara’ in the USA and in some markets like the UK, ‘Grand Vitara’. The model has been praised for its compact dimensions, urban centric design and performance and genuine ability to go off road. Now after 25 years of its initial release, the Japanese manufacturer is bringing back the model in an all new stylish reincarnation. It continues to have its main strengths like performance but is looking to attract more customers with its bright exterior colors and highly efficient engines. Suzuki will also offer a lot of personalization options ( both exterior and interior) to the customers so that they can add a piece of own personality to their car. The 2015 model year ‘Vitara’ will go for production in early 2015 in Suzuki’s plant in Hungary and will go for sale later that year. It will compete in its segment with cars like ‘Nissan Juke’, ‘Citroen C4 Cactus’ and the ‘Mokka’ from General Motors. In the Suzuki family, it takes its place below the recently unveiled ‘SX-4 Cross’.


Suzuki has already announced that the 2015 ‘Vitara’ will have the same engines as the SX4 S-Cross. Options include 1.6-litre engines in both petrol and diesel version that produce 118 hp power. However the torque production is different as the petrol unit creates torque of 115lb ft, while the diesel will create torque if 236lb ft. Suzuki is yet to announce the acceleration time of 0 to 62mph ( 0 to 100 km/h) and the top speeds. Suzuki is claiming that with the two-wheel drive system and petrol engine, the car should deliver 123g per km when paired with the five-speed manual transmission and when paired with the six-speed auto, 127g per km. If you opt for Suzuki’s cutting edge Allgrip four-wheel sytem then the figures will rise to 134g per km and 138g per km, respectively. If the claims are indeed true then it will be a good achievement for Suzuki. Those who have the diesel engine will get 106g per km and 111g per km respectively.


The exterior of the 2015 ‘Vitara’ has some similarity with Land Rover. However, Suzuki has made things interesting by offering three body colors and contrasting roofs. The three colors are -Atlantis Turquoise Pearl, Savannah Ivory and Horizon Orange . All the three shades are in metallic finish. Buyers who are looking for more style can go for special white or black finish for the front radiator grille and the fenders.

The inside of the car is equally colorful and exciting with four color choices for the instrument panel- turquoise, white orange and piano black. Two clock choices are also on offer. The twin sliding panels and the panoramic roof that was seen in the ‘S-Cross’ has also been made available to the new ‘Vitara’.

Technology and dimensions

The ‘Vitara’ has the following dimensions of 4175mm length, width of 1775mm and height of 1610mm. The ‘Vitara’ is shorter but wider and taller than its bigger cousin ‘SX4 S-Cross’. It is not exactly clear how is the off-road capabilities of this car but Suzuki has described it as an ideal car for ‘deeply rutted roads’ or ‘snow-covered roads.’ It will ride on either 17 inch or 16-inch wheels. It has a decent boot space of 375 liters. One of the main technological highlights is the advanced Radar Braking System (RBS). The system works by using milliwave radar, which is said to work better than other camera-based systems. The car also comes with adaptive cruise control and SATNAV infotainment.


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