Renault unveils new EOLAB concept

2014 Renault Eolab Concept 1 Renault unveils new EOLAB concept

2014 Renault Eolab Concept 5 Renault unveils new EOLAB concept

With fuel prices and air pollution both rising all around the world, the automobile industry has been focusing on low fuel consumption and lower emissions in recent years. French pioneer Renault has recently explored the field of ultra-low consumption of fuel with a new concept car called the EOLAB. Renault has already made significant strides in the field of zero-emission with its electric vehicles. The EOLAB carries several important technological advancements that will be slowly made available to production models. The EOLAB has a combined consumption of 1 liter per 100 km resulting into emission of 22g CO2/km. The makers have focused on three areas to achieve such striking figures- minimizing the weight of the car, improved aerodynamics and the new technology of the ‘Z.E Hybrid’.

The car has been built with materials like aluminum and magnesium which is very light. The car weighs just 400 kg. The roof is entirely built of magnesium and weighs only 4 kg. The low weight impacts the size and in turn down the cost of the assembly parts like wheels, battery, brakes etc. The shape of the car has been made such that it cuts through the air very effectively. To increase the aerodynamic effect lateral vane and active spoiler has been added. Another great factor is the hybrid powertrain of the EOLAB that is ompact and affordable. The power unit can combine Zero-emission and ultra-low consumption of fuel if the journey is under the distance of 60km and at any speed till 120kph. It is expected that in the years to come, the Z.E. Hybrid technology will be a major part of Renault’s range of electric cars.

Renault designers have been hard on the EOLAB project for some time now. They have been able to push the parameters of automobile design to optimize the weight and aerodynamics.


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