VW stuns with new 2014 XL Sports Concept

2014 Volkswagen XL Sport Concept 2 VW stuns with new 2014 XL Sports Concept

2014 Volkswagen XL Sport Concept 8 VW stuns with new 2014 XL Sports Concept

It was revealed around 2011 that German car maker Volkswagen spends the most amount of money behind research and development. The 77 year old German brand (founded in 1937) is definitely one of the most innovative and pioneering car makers in the world. In recent years one of the main trends of the automobile industry has been the development of eco-friendly hybrid cars that are low on fuel consumption but can deliver performance equal to regular cars. Back in 2013, VW released a limited edition, 250 unit two seater plug-in hybrid called the ‘XL1’ that travelled 100 Km on 1 liter of fuel and is considered one of the most efficient cars in the world. Now, at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, VW has revealed a surprising concept ‘XL Sport’ that is being considered one the highlights of this year’s show. Not only is it a faster version of the XL1 but also the second car ever from Volkswagen that can be considered as a super car. But here comes perhaps the biggest surprise of the new concept, despite being fast it does not carry 12 cylinder, 8 cylinder or even six, five or four cylinder engines. It runs on a two-cylinder engine. Add to that ultra light weight (890 Kg, almost half of the VW Golf) and eye catching design and what we have is one of the fastest cars in the world considering the amount of power the engine generates. It is still not clear whether there will be an actual production version of the car but it is clear that VW has taken a big step in the development of lightweight sports cars.


The body of ‘XL Sport Concept’ is essentially like the ‘XL1’ made of carbon-reinforced polymer. The material has only 20% the density of steel but is as strong and rigid. Taking a cue from Lamborghini (a brand owned by VW) the wing-doors have been added which brings a feel of high-end sports car. The doors are hinged at two points and as a result they go both upwards as well as forward creating generous amount of space for entry and exit. The windows have been made from poly-carbonate. The exterior body of the car is aerodynamically efficient and also dynamic and muscular. The front fascia of the car is eye catching to say the least. While there is no traditional grille, the area is covered with horizontal lines as is seen in VW cars. Air ducts have been placed that send air for cooling the engine. There are double LED head lamps along with LED daytime lights. The rear is very much different from the XL1 as it is just as wide in the rear as in the front like a classic race car. The main highlights are a hatch that conceals the engine, LED ribbon, black diffuser and two exhaust pipes with chrome finish. Thanks to its path breaking design the new concept car has been able to achieve a near perfect ratio of power to weight.

While the interior is similar to the XL1, it has been modified with special details that complement the realignment of the dynamic of the vehicle. The instrument cluster is fully digital and has a motor sports inspired design. It displays individual lap timing and oil pressure. The steering wheel has been decorated with red stitching and also comes with shift paddles made of aluminum.


The XL Sport Concept runs on the V2 engine taken from the Ducati 1199 Superleggera which is the world’s most powerful two cylinder engine. The power output is 200 PS/ 147 kW and it can hit a top speed of 270 km/h.


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