2014 Audi Prologue Concept Details

2014 Audi Prologue Concept 3 2014 Audi Prologue Concept Details

2014 Audi Prologue Concept 5 2014 Audi Prologue Concept Details

Audi launched its two door permanent all wheel drive Prologue concept yesterday at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show. With this model Audi will launch itself into a new design era. Audi’s new design head Marc Lichte has given new dimensions to the automaker. Marc’s understanding of Audi’s DNA and clarity of mind helped him develop an entirely new perspective for Audi. This model comes with totally new approach to both the exterior and interior design expressing the advanced technology even more powerfully and it won’t be wrong to say that its a signature car for Audi .The entire design is full of elegance and is sporty as well.

The Prologue is comparatively shorter and flatter as compared to Audi A8 with a length of 5.10 meters, width of 1.95 meters, wheelbase of 2.94 meters and height 1.39 meters. Radiator grille has been widened even more and has been positioned comparatively lower to these days cars. The headlights based on the Matrix Laser Technology from the maker itself, having complete new functionalities are wedge shaped and are located at the tip above the singleframe. Fitted with Audi’s inbuilt intelligent “butler” system and many more such exquisite features this car is definitely worth your money.

Under the skin lies a really powerful and sumptuous car which has a 4 liter twin turbocharged v8 engine which produces 653 horsepower. The car takes just 3.7 seconds to sprint from 0 to 62mph with a top speed of 155 mph. The interesting thing about this version is that the body is a hybrid of aluminium and steel which helps reducing the weight of the car and keeping it below 2000 kgs mark. All wheel steering is another feature that adds more spice to it with world class Pirelli tyres and not to forget the carbon ceramic brakes as well, which when pressed lightens the bottom of 3D tail light.

The exterior comes in handy as well with rear view resembling to that of a rear view of a yacht. The door comes without handles and get opened electrochemically whenever the illuminated sensor surfaces are touched . The unconventional architecture of the rear lights with their 3D glass make them look sumptuous. The interesting thing about 3D tail light is at the time of braking the bottom of light appears more closer to the observer and the alteration between 2D and 3D lighting function makes the experience completely dynamic.

The interiors are also mindblowing with intelligent software program like “butler” which identifies the passengers with their smartphones and adjust the climate and seats according to their preferences. The interior cabin is quite spacious and gives you the feel of a lounge. A special infotainment system is also embedded in the cabin. Once you switch on the sound system a sound spoiler gets opened at the rear end that gives you a world class stereo environment that is typically Audi in class. Smartphone slots and cupholders are installed beneath the lids on the central console. According to the designer natural materials are the new luxury,the surfaces of seats, the centertunnel, the armrests etc… are all covered in light colored leather.

Going beyond in the future, it can be guessed that the Prologue concept will preview the A8 production. If such a car is release it could be the blend of these two and may come out as Audi A10 series till then you can go on with it. Let’s see if Marc Lichte’s efforts are worth enough to get public attention and shape the future of Audi. The car is currently on display at the Los Angeles auto show till 30th november, if you want to get a glimpse of it before actually putting your bets on it then its your chance and please hurry up, go grab it.


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