2015 Chrysler 300 features and details

2015 Chrysler 300 1 2015 Chrysler 300 features and details

2015 Chrysler 300 5 2015 Chrysler 300 features and details

Carrying forward the legacy of six decades of delivering world class technology and craftsmanship to its valuable customers, Chrysler is back again with its 300 (2015) model. Building on the most award winning car is not an easy job, thanks to the engineering and designing team behind it .The 300 takes the Chrysler brand name to new heights and insiders also believe that it might be the sedan of the year too. The new 300 illustrates the automaker’s new design sophistication alongwith enhancing the sedan’s signature silhouette. The sedan is about the fusion of powerful presence and the celebration of luxury.

Chrysler 300 has got a marvellous design thanks to its iconic exterior proportions highlighted by its front end and grille accompanied by emotional colours and materials. The grille comes with a Chrysler badge embedded on it highlighting the modern face of Chrysler. Below the grille lies the bi functional projector beam headlamps which come with AFL(Adaptive Forward Lighting) technology to aid the driver by illuminating better to mark road curves ahead as well as a DRL(Daytime Running Lamps) to form an unmistakable brand identity .Below that LED foglamps are available which provide a clean and consistent white illumination as well as a technical look. The rear stance comes with a new sculpted LED tail lamp giving a Chrysler’s signature appearance. The sides are closer to previous 300 series and define the correlation between front wheel and rear wheel arches. Seven new wheel designs starting from 17 inches to 20 inches are available to provide better road holding. The new Chrysler comes in expressive colours including maximum steel metallic clear coat and velvet red pearl coat, apart from these some other colours are silver, deep cherry red, granite crystal metallic, gloss black etc…

Inside the 300 the passenger will enter into a complete new world which is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and sophistication , with state of the art technology and clever features. The interior is made up of high quality nappa leather at the doorset and quilted seats. The instrument panel side leather and center console are french stitched. Different models come with different interiors and the customers can customize their one also by selecting the type and colour of leather ,the kind of stitching they want, whether to include center console or not etc…Attention has been given to every interior component and it has been assured that no space gets overloaded. Front seats have been sculpted in such a way that they provide an extra inch for the back passengers to rest their knees properly. Dual front cup holders are provided as well as extra large space is provided to hold bottles.

The Chrysler has basically two types of engines being employed depending on the model, one is the 5.7 litre HEMI v8 engine which is a state of the art eight speed automatic transmission. It produces 363 horsepowers,0-60 mph in less thn 6 seconds and an estimated 16 miles per gallon(mpg) in city and 25mpg on highways. Whereas the other one is 3.6 litre pentastar v6 engine which has the best in class fuel economy with 31 mpg on highways andan unsurpassed fuel economy of 23mpg in cities. To increase the v6 performance has been lifted to 300 horsepower. But for customers looking for more power, models with v8 engine are the perfect choice. An EPS system is used to transmit precise road details to improve the driving experience as well as fuel consumption. For an even higher sense of precision and control a new mode called the sport mode has been provided.

As agility and efficiency are positively co-related the new model features aluminium axles and housing. The current aluminium structure as compared to the previous steel structure has reduced weight. Premium shock absorbers are used to provide control and comfort while driving. Chrysler has employed high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver strength and rigidity and produce a world class sedan. Lightweight dual phased steel which is far more lighter and stronger than normal steel has been employed to make important components. Chrysler’s engineers have been successful to tune the sound cabin for better sound quality by isolating powertrain road, wind and other noises. The design package are made in such a way that it provides more than eight feet of acoustic insulation. In addition to all that body cavity silencing foam and doors with triple seals all help to absorb the noise and keep the cabin quiet.

After breakthroughs in 1955 and 2005 with its models, the new Chrysler 300 is all set to carry forward the automaker’s style and sophistication to a new level. The model comes into the market with a tag of best in mileage with a mileage of 31 miles per gallon on highways which is by far the best in the sedan category and hopefully it is going to attract a few buyers as well. After its arrival in the first quarter of 2015 it will be the freshest entry in the Us market in the full size vehicle category. While the segment is expected to hold in the upcoming year as well Chrysler has already seen an increase of 48% in its business over the past 4 years.The buyers on one hand appreciate the segment leading claims made by Chrysler but on the other hand they are also inspired by its thoughtful process and an exhilirating driving experience. Based on the success of its previous models the Chrysler series has launched a set of 4 models to be released next year. Let’s see how successful these cars would turn out to be in attracting buyers with a stiff competition coming in from other automakers.


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