2015 Ford Mondeo Features and Details

2015 Ford Mondeo 1 2015 Ford Mondeo Features and Details

2015 Ford Mondeo Interior 2015 Ford Mondeo Features and Details

The wait for the all new fourth generation Ford Mondeo which is also the debutant of Ford large platform series is finally over as the automaker revealed its Mondeo at the ongoing auto show in Los Angeles. The new Mondeo seems to provide a ray of hope in this BMW 3 series obsessed world. A perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology the car is designed to inspire. The car comes loaded with an exceptionally comprehensive handling technology ,a vast array of safety equipments and a superb high in class infotainment system. The car marks the onset of a new pedestrian detection technology that will help to reduce the severity of accidents or help the drivers in avoiding them altogether. The automaker claims that Mondeo is the most technologically advanced vehicle from their lineup ever to be introduced in Europe. This model gives a sense of pride and quality which was never seen before in any of the ford’s model.

The new Pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection can detect people walking on the road ahead and if the system detects a potential collision it will automatucally trigger an audio visual message to the driver to press the brakes and even if the driver ignores that and collision seems to be possible then the brakes will automatically be pressed and the car would be stopped then and there itself. The Ford engineers have tested this system in real world environment because the it is the most difficult environment as bodies comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from an infant to an adult. Other systems such as the radar system and adaptive cruise control have been employed to provide more safety to driver by braking automatically in certain collision scenarios. In addition to all this a forward facing camera provides the driver with latest detected speed limit, overtaking restrictions and cancellation signs via the instrument cluster display.

The new Ford comes with 1.5 litre ecoboost and 2.0 litre ecoboost alongwith Ford’s fuel efficient and powerful 1.0 litre ecoboost petrol engine which was also the international engine of the year for 3 times in a row. It will also offer an optional high powered 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine with twin sequential turbo charging, also an ECOnetic technology model will be available which will be powered by a 1.6 litre diesel engine. The 4 door mondeo hybrid will combine a specially developed 2.0 litre petrol engine with an electric motor accompanied by 1.4 KWh li-ion battery to provide optimised fuel economy. Fuel efficiency and efficiency are improved in the Mondeo by upto 14%.The complete body structure will also be enhanced by an electric power assisted steering which is a first time feature in Mondeo. The manufacturers also claim that the current version has got the best handling enhancing technology which includes torque vectoring control thanks to its body structure which is 10% stiffer than its previous versions.

The Mondeo also introduces Ford’s adaptive LED headlamp technology to Europe which will combine the full LED headlamps with adaptive front lighting news system to enhance the driver’s surrounding environment. An advanced active parking system is also incorporated which ensures perpendicular parking which will enable the driver to detect suitable size parallel parking spaces .Ford is also launching an inflatable rear seatbelt technology which will enable a force 5 times stronger than an ordinary

seatbelt during an accident. The car also features a smartkey called the mykey technology which can inhibit incoming phone calls, restrict the top speed, reducing the volume of the audio system and many more. Road noise have been reduced to 3 decibels in the rear cabin and upto 2 decibels in the front cabin while wind noise have been reduced by 8 % as compared to previous versions.

Mondeo comes with 10 way adjustable seats with heating and cooling features and it also uses a system of 11 cushions to produce a massaging effects for thighs, bottom and lower back. Memory shape metal wires with the width of a human hair have been used to control airflow in and out of individual cushions providing a massaging effect. A special team of doctors worked with the designers to develop the perfect seats for both the driver and the passengers using advanced techniques like ultrasonic posture monitoring, pressure mapping to view the movement of spine while sitting and laying back and measuring the muscle movement during these postures. The ventillation, heating and air conditioning have also been fine tuned to operate even more quitely. Cooling from 55 deg celsius to 18 deg celsius in just 15 minutes is absolutely best in class.

This model of Ford will give you a feeling of quality which is unseen in previous models. This model will definitely change the perception of Ford in the mind of customers and it seems to be a perfect all rounder. Whether it is safety, handling, technology or comfort the new Mondeo seems to be head and shoulder above its competitors. The car’s entry into the European market has already been delayed by a couple of years and the market has shifted in those two years a bit towards crossovers and SUVs and Ford might be happy selling 20,000 Mondeos this year. To summarize all this we can say that this model is big,smooth and handles with more care than anything else in this class. Although it might not get a huge sale success,but the arrival of Mondeo in the European market can be considered to be a case of better late than never. Let’s see whether the car arrives on time and what will be its pricing and how many customers get attracted to it.


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