2015 Lexus LF-C2 Concept

2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept 1 2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept

2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept 4 2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept

2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept 6 2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept

2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept Interior 1 2015 Lexus LF C2 Concept

The Lexus LF-C2 concept is absolutely fascinating especially in its gold colour. Currently being shown at the Los Angeles auto show, it is amongst the most eyecatching cars in there. The LF-C2 is pretty unusual in having no roof or weatherproof gear. Although Lexus is not leaking any information but insiders believe that a convertible is next on the cards and may hit the markets very soon. The LF-C2, short for Lexus Future—Coupe 2, appears to be nominally related to the RC F coupe, which is headed into production. The LF-C2 concept clearly shows what’s in store for the brand’s future design direction. This concept exhibits to consumers around the world the devotion of Lexus to emotional designs as well as its passion for an ultimate driving experience.

This model is almost precisely RC F-sized, at 4.71m long and 1.8m wide. It is low-slung, too, at just 1385mm tall. The concept car has pure LED headlamps and the characteristic swooping Lexus day running lights. It has a luxurious and spacious cabin with a marvellous set of interiors that flawlessly matches the sporty elegance of the exterior. The thick leather-wrapped steering wheel and the form fitting seats clearly implies that this is a driver’s car. The inviting cabin of the LF-C2 combines the open-air excitement resulting from an eye-catching roadster mixed with a heavy dose of Lexus luxury. On the other hand the experts expect some of the wilder flights of fancy the 20in alloys, the trick seating, the lack of roof to be dropped.

Lexus hasn’t given any indication of the production intent for the LF-C2 leaving the customers to speculate about its production. Don’t go expecting to see a car this extreme jump from LA to other parts of the world any time soon. Let’s see when the LF-C2 makes it over to show rooms in the next couple of years, it will certainly add an extra flavour to Lexus’s already exciting new line up.


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