2016 Audi TT Coupe and Convertible

2016 Audi TT Coupe 3 2016 Audi TT Coupe and Convertible

2016 Audi TT Convertible 1 2016 Audi TT Coupe and Convertible

Audi is one of the famous car brand all over the globe. This brand surprise us many times by giving new and modern vehicles. Now again, it is going to be a grand day for all who loves car. Because at the Los Angeles Auto show car lovers can witness of new 2016 Audi TT coupe and Roadster as it is planning to launch on that occasion at North America.

As per Audi TT tradition, this new model has also the sporty coupe. But interior and its performance make this new car a strong competitor among all. It is the third generation of Audi. So, as expected the car comes along with a combo of facilities. And all the facilities are much more better than its previous generation. The modern version has much more variety. Though it has the same retro look ,it is 11o pound lighter than those older versions. The roof ,fenders, hood, and doors of this car are made from high quality aluminum. The floor is made of super lasting steel. The longer wheel base and all wheel drive system and TT’s center of gravity all together can give this car a really sporty handling.

Upgraded interior, multimedia system, and larger trunk made the car ready for a luxurious ride.

Two strong engines are offered by 2016 TT. The base model is said to get 2.0 liter four cylinder rated and 230 horsepower in its front wheel. According to Audi, this combination is good enough to 0-62-mph sprint in just 6 seconds. For TTS, it will use the upgraded 310-hp version of the same engine which is ready for a 0-62-mph sprint only in 4.7 seconds. The engine will be connected with quattro all wheel drive system. Bang and Olufsen audio system with 12 speakers and a 14 channel amplifier are also available for this models. But these are optional. Customers who wants it, have to order it previously.

Hopefully the American models of this car will get the standard six speed manual transmission with shift paddle control like the European model.

As TT model target on sporting interior, TTS has adaptive sports suspension. But it is optional for the other base models. Magnetic control, split second adjustment to road condition, corvette are used by the system. Audi did not confirm its line up for U.S. customers till now. So hopefully they can also opted diesel model which is confirmed for European roads.

The car has 12.3 inch digital display which can places virtual speed and RPM gauge in foreground. Entertainment and navigation functions are all shrink-ed by this new multimedia display. The more natural and intuitive voice command function are the plus point of this car. The trunk is enlarged 0.5cubic feet. The front seat is mounted closer to the floor for a sporty feelings when ride.

It has rear mounted radar sensor to improve the road safety. This sensor helps to maintain safety of lane change, assists lane keeping to prevent drifting and also assists to park the car in suitable parking spaces. It has smart LED lighting which will control each lamps.

The new model of 2016 Audi TT and TTS is said to be launched at U.S. Dealership in 2015, though the exact time is not declared till now. The price will be start from $40,000 and the TTS model will be available from $52000.

All the car lovers and especially coupe lovers have to wait till the launching date of this new models. You can get more information once after it arrives at market. So, we all wish TT and TTS a very successful launch.


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