2016 Ford Explorer SUV Features and Details

2016 Ford Explorer 1 2016 Ford Explorer SUV Features and Details

2016 Ford Explorer 5 2016 Ford Explorer SUV Features and Details

Ford finally unveiled its updated 2016 Explorer SUV at the ongoing auto show at Los Angeles. Ford’s fifth generation Explorer has got a complete makeover and is transformed to look like the Ford Edge. Some of the changes made include a new grille, revised low bumper, more conventional headlamps etc… to name a few. The rear end also comes with minor updates in tail lights and spoilers which will hopefully improve the aerodynamics. The manufacturer claims that Explorer will redefine the way the world thinks about SUVs. The building process started in North America at the Chicago assembly point which also moved to Venezuela and now it is even made in Russia as well. Sold in more than 100 countries worldwide Ford is expecting an export of 56,000 Explorers from the US alone.

The Explorer comes with a 2.3 litre Ecoboost 4 cylinder engine delivering 270 horsepower. The new assembly is expected to give the customers 12.5% more horsepower and 11% more torque than the present 2 litre Ecoboost engine. An efficient fuel saving system has been employed that optimizes pressure whenever less fuel is required. It seems to be the leader in gas mileage at the highways. The manufacturer says that the customers will enjoy the performance of a larger engine without compromising the efficiency. The Explorer sport and platinum edition are expected to come with a 3.5 litre Ecoboost v6 engine with an estimated 365 horsepower.

The manufacturer believes that there is a strong market for upscaled SUVs and customers are ready to buy even high priced SUVs, so it is the best time to launch the platinum edition into the market. The interiors are made up of brushed aluminium and finished ash wood on all door panels as well as on the instrument panel. Special leather wraps are used for instrument panels and consoles. The Explorer is the first Ford vehicle to incorporate a 500W Sony audio system with clear phase technology which will eliminate the sound dispersion throughout the vehicle. A 10 inch digital display has also been incorporated in the instrument panel. The manufacturer also claim that this is the best in class interiors that Ford has ever offered in its previous models.

Explorer also comes in with an all wheel intelligent drive system which is 20 times faster than a blink of eye giving it precise handling. The intelligent drive keeps on checking various parameters like speed, throttle position and many others in order to determine the driver’s intent so that at times it can warn the driver also. An antilock braking system is used to slow down the momentum at any terrain providing any slip. Different terrain modes like normal, sand, snow and mud are provided so that the driver can adjust the engine, transmission and other parameters according to the surroundings. The Explorer also offers two wheel options with 18 inch and 20 inch providing a smooth ride and reducing the noise internally.

The exteriors give it a proper rugged look which the designers kept very well in their minds while designing it. It features robust headlamps with LED lamps and also LED fog lamps. The current Explorer is expected to hit the market at around $31000,making it a solid contender among the other 7 seater SUVs. The Ford is expected to debut in early 2015 and will be on sale by spring 2016.Ford has really placed all its bets on this model after being criticised at times for making overpriced cars, let’s see what will be the fate of this model next year. As of now the car is currently being showcased at the Los Angeles auto show, and it’s your chance to get a proper glimpse of it till the 30th of november and look at other competitors also before putting your money on them.


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