2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 – the Ultimate Satisfaction

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 1 2016 Mercedes Maybach S600   the Ultimate Satisfaction

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 3 2016 Mercedes Maybach S600   the Ultimate Satisfaction

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600 Interior 1 2016 Mercedes Maybach S600   the Ultimate Satisfaction

After so many surprising gift, now Mercedes – Benz is going to give its fans another surprise. It has released of its revived range of Maybach limousine, that is Mercedes – Maybach S600. It will be available from sometimes in 2015 in showrooms. After its availability in American market from next year, the car will surely stand as a strong competitor against its rival Bentley’s Mulsanne, and Phantom range from the famous Rolls Royace brand. It will be released for Australian market from the last half of 2015.

After unveiling of the first glimpse of this car, it is quite sure, that it is the biggest vehicle ever from the luxury line up (lavish S Class) of German maker. Thus the other term which is also related with this fact is, it will also be the costliest car. The basic price for this big size of sedan car will start from nearly $250,000. After its immense interior and customization the expected price for this car would be risen closer to one million doller.

The car is unveiled at Los Angeles Motor show, and Guangzhou Motor show which is occurred in this month of November, 2014. Mercedes confirms that they will use the name ‘Maybach’ for all other future cars to represent the hyper luxury. Previously also they use the name ‘AMG’ to represent the great performance of their different ranges of car.

Now it is the time to take a brief look to the details of this new car. Maybach S600 is nearly 18 feet in its nose to tail measurement. The overall length of this car is nearly 5453mm. The wheelbase is nearly 3365 mm long. An extra 200 mm is added to its wheel base of the standard long wheelbase S- class and extra 207 mm is given to the overall length. Long-wheelbase A8 series of Audi car is 186 mm less longer than S600. It is 241 mm longer than BMW 7 series and 206 mm longer than Jaguar XJ. Not only that, this long wheel base S600 car is even 54 mm longer than the Ghost series of Rolls- Royce.

Inside the bonnet o this car, there is a 6.0 liter V12 engine. It can produce almost 523 BHP or 390 Kilo watt of power and 830 NM of torque, as low as 1900 rpm. A special kind of automatic transmission (it has automatic seven speed level) is linked up with the engine. The fuel consumption rate for this S600 series would be 11.7L per 100km

There is one more conjecture that Maybach S600 will be provided with bi turbo V8 engine. It will produce 335 kilo watt power and 700 NM of torque. The fuel consumption rate for this speculation would be 8.9 litre per 100 km.

Inside the car, there is 159 mm more leg room than other long wheelbase S- class car. The rear backrest can be reclined back to 43.5 degree, where the other give only 19.

The interior design of this car is much more attractive than other S- Class. The seats are hand stitched and reclining. Inside the glove-box, the Air balance perfume pack gives a unique fragrance filtered through the cabin. Some interior amenities are optional also. One can choose Champagne flutes, panoramic sunroof, pop-up picnic tables, hot and cold drink holder, a goo quality leather headliner and premium Burmester 3D for his/ her car. A hot rock style massage function can also be opted either.

In terms of road and noise, with a drag co-efficient of 0.26, this Maybach S600 is said to be the quietest car in the world. The unique voice amplification technology make this car a strong competitor in front of all luxury car of world.



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