Honda reveals the 2014 FCV concept

2014 Honda FCV Concept 2 Honda reveals the 2014 FCV concept

2014 Honda FCV Concept 4 Honda reveals the 2014 FCV concept

Japanese manufacturer Honda wrote a new chapter in automobile history in 2002 when it revealed the ‘FCX’, hydrogen based fuel cell vehicle. It was followed by a production version called the ‘FCX Clarity’. Now Honda is looking to develop its successor. Last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda showcased the FCEV concept. It was expected that in 2015 a production version will be launched. But now it has been learnt that the production version has been delayed till March of 2016. Instead Honda has revealed a more refined version called the ‘FCV concept’. It is most likely to be major basis of the new mass produced fuel cell vehicle that is coming in 2016.

When compared to the ‘FCX Clarity’, the new ‘FCV Concept’ has a smaller stack of fuel-cell (33 percent smaller). However the power output is higher by a margin of more than 100 kW. The density of the power output is 3.1 kW per liter. Honda has claimed that there has been an overall performance improvement of around 60 percent.

Thanks to the addition of a high-pressured hydrogen tank with 70 MPa capacity. The vehicle claims to deliver more than 435 miles/ 700 km of maximum range when the car is going at cruising speeds. After the tank has been fully used, a total refill will be done in about 3 minutes. The 3 minute mark of refilling is about the same as what takes to refill any regular diesel and gasoline tank. Another new addition is a new function of external power feeding that has been developed recently. When combined with an external power device the Honda FCV transforms into an instant power plant. It can generate and supply electric power whenever it is necessary. This comes in handy when there is any emergency situation, for example a natural disaster.


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