Mazda CX- 5 (2016) – A new Generation from Sky-active Technology

2016 Mazda CX 5 1 Mazda CX  5 (2016)   A new Generation from Sky active Technology

2016 Mazda CX 5 2 Mazda CX  5 (2016)   A new Generation from Sky active Technology

CX- 5 is the new generation product range from Mazda. It is the first model to come along with full Sky- Active Technolgy and the Motion design language from KODO SOUL. This new generation car provides much more amenities and facilities in utility and practicality than SUV. The spirit of this car comes from the KODO design and for the Sky Active Technology, one can enjoy the ultimate driving pleasure. The car performance reaches the highest level of both environmental and safety facts. For these reasons, this car model becomes popular and is well accepted by people. The company targets to improve the performance of the car every year and tries its best to prove themselves the best. Cx- 5 became the company’s one of the fundamental products along with Mazda3.

CX- 5 debuted in 2012. It was the first model from from Mazda that comes with the full language of KODO design. It has a typical SUV looks with a dynamic attitude and a nose in front. One can understand the spirit and quality after seeing its compact cabin and rearward placements. The advanced front grille is created to get valiant and solid designs in metallic gray colors. The 19 inch wheels are made of aluminum and comes with a look of 3D machining. CX- 5 is now available in Sonic Silver Metallic and Titanium Flash Mica colors. A new LED lighting and headlamps with newly designed interior arrangement of CX- 5 is truly magnifying the beauty and vivacity of the car. Rear combination LED lighting is optional with CX- 5′s Technology package. All these quality make the car a highly renowned and popular among the SUV cars.

Inside the car one can truly enjoy a happy and exciting ride. The height of drivers-seat is between of standard sedan car and basic crossover. The uncomplicated and decent looking dashboard and most of the other surfaces are made of soft touch material. The other seats are made with comfortable material and there is enough leg space in front row. The large back deck is provided with easy bending articulated seats which can give an extended flat floor. This model is made with Human machine Interface system with the Electrical Power brake. The seats are made of high quality black leather. The interior is designed with black or sand fabric with variant types of decorative instrument panel. Inside the car one can get the system of internet connectivity that can be paired with smart phone. Including the other storage options, the car offers an empty space ahead of shift knob. There are also storage space for cups and small things. Console boxes and pockets on front door are also provided with this model.

Under the bonnet, CX- 5 is provided with 2.0 liter and 2.5 liter gasoline engine designed with Sky Active system. The engine produce the power 155 horsepower with 150 lb-ft of torque. The engine comes with six speed manual gearbox or automatic gear box. With a developed NVH quality the cabin environment can be managed easily.

According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with only six airbags the CX- 5 is has called a Top Safety Pick. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the car with a four star rating out of five stars for crash safety tests and five stars for side impact. The car has the basic electronic safety system with a clear onward visibility.

Sky Active system proved its efficiency in fuel consumption rate. For the front wheel drive versions the EPA rate is 29mpg and automatic all wheel drive models are rated at 28mpg.

Base Sport, Mid-level touring and High end grand touring these three trim levels are offered by Mazda. The basic price without delivery charges for CX- 5 starts from $20,695.


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