Mercedes reveals the futuristic 2014 ‘G-Code’ concept

Mercedes Benz G Code Concept 1 Mercedes reveals the futuristic 2014 ‘G Code’ concept

Mercedes Benz G Code Concept 3 Mercedes reveals the futuristic 2014 ‘G Code’ concept

Mercedes Benz G Code Concept Interior 1 Mercedes reveals the futuristic 2014 ‘G Code’ concept

Mercedes-Benz is known as the one of the greatest innovators in the field of automobiles. Apart from introducing highly successful production cars, the German auto maker is known to come out with several interesting concept cars. Recently the company opened a new center for Product Engineering in Beijing, China. The center also has a full scale design studio. On the occasion of the, Mercedes put the spot light on the new ‘G Code’ concept a compact sized futuristic looking SUC (Sports Utility Coupe). While it is only 161 inches long, making it smallest crossover vehicle in the stable Mercedes, it is powered by highly advanced technology that can have profound effect on the automobile world in the coming years. The new concept car is a product of the new Beijing design studio and while developing it, the Chinese market has been kept in mind. Hubertus Troska, board member of Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes has said that for automotive companies all around the world, China has emerged as one of the most important markets. He also described the Chinese automobile market as being in a fast forward mode. Gorden Wagener who is the design head at Daimler has said that the new G-Code concept is intelligent as well as beautiful and it properly interprets the design idiom that works behind the development of Mercedes coupes.

Daimler had undertaken several market studies and in the course of such studies they have discovered that the younger generation of Asian buyers has a preference for sporty looking ‘cool’ crossover vehicles that will also suit day to day urban usage. While designing the concept car the designers had the idea of developing something that will improve the lifestyle of the hugely populated cities of China. If the concept is ever put into production then it will be surely targeted towards city dwellers.


The new ‘G-Code’ has been equipped with a plug-in hybrid system that offers longer running time on electricity that helps to reduce emission. While the rear axle will run on electric power, the front wheels of the car will be powered by a combustible engine running on hydrogen gas. But the real surprise comes in form an additional source of power. The concept has been given a silver colored ‘multi-voltaic’ paint. The paint is created with the use of advanced technology and can generate power from sunlight. Thus in a way, the new car is like a giant solar power cell. The cell can also electrostatically charge by using the passing wind when in motion and the natural wind flow when standing still. There is more surprise when it comes to using the power. Rather than transferring the power to a battery, it is used for synthesis of hydrogen and the created hydrogen is used for the engine. During the synthesis of hydrogen, oxygen is also created as a byproduct. The oxygen is supplied to the cabin to give the driver and passengers a refreshing feeling. It will be interesting to see whether Mercedes uses this innovative technology in any other vehicle although at this point it looks unlikely.


To complement the use of hi-tech powertrain features, the visual appearance of the car has been given a futuristic look as well. The conventional grille has been replaced for this car. While the trademark star and chrome louvers are there, a digital display that works continuously has been added. The display changes colors according to the state of the car. When it is parked, the color is blue, when driving in all-electric, the blue display shows moving stars, when driving in hybrid mode the stars remain but the color changes to purple and when in hybrid sport mode, the color turns bright red.


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