New 2014 Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Concept

2014 Mitsubishi XR PHEV Concept 1 New 2014 Mitsubishi XR PHEV Concept

The new Mitsubishi XR- PHEV Concept is one of the most important proof of next generation modern technologies. It is a compact mixed that combines all the dramatic and attractive SUV functionality and sports coupe performance as well as a plug in hybrid electric vehicles derivation into one car. The attractive and modern driver oriented comfortable cabin is highly polished and technologically enhanced for all the passengers. It includes the modern design for both inside and outside. As a result of Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV) technology, XR- PHEV Concepts feature a number of dynamic safety system and its Eco friendly PHEV system offers the performance like sports car along with unique fuel economy rate.

This MiEV technology is also exhibited in Mitsubishi car productions added with highly unconventional 100% electric powered Mitsubishi i- Miev, that is the most reasonable priced EV in present days American market. This technology is also the motivation behind the world famous 100% electric powered Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III race cars.

Exterior Design:

A powerful burst of energy with a good acceleration is the basic inspiration for this valiant and muscular Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Concepts. On the sides of the car there is strong yet dignified chiseled sheet metals ridges. These all characteristics of this car give it a distinct look of wedge- shaped and aggressive forward leaning look which further incorporates the form of track athletes. The muscular body stance is also improved by the highly decorated fenders which cover the big but high performance tires and its strength and performance. Among the functional exterior accessories it includes solar cell formation fused within the roof to help more charge the battery. There is also an active aerodynamic device in a form of angle spoiler at the edge of its roof. The exterior of XR- PHEV Concepts incorporates the crossover of high performance and agility.

Interior Design:

Athletic performance is the most important theme behind the XR- PHEV Concept creation. The designers and engineers of Mitsubishi planned a driver oriented interior targeted to inspire the fanatic, coordinated and compact control units and try to enhance the driver’s confidence for optimal car control. The seats have been provided with black and red accents and this color combination reversed for driver’s seat. This seat got another boost of an extra bolstering, though the other seats are comfortable yet missing this facility. There is a futuristic display pod that allows the driver to notice the important parameters. Along the top of the dashboard there are speedometer, tachometer and other important key performance information display.

This new and next generation plug-in hybrid electric hybrid car features MiEV technologies that provide an absorbing and modern drive-train to its futuristic design. The components and software that used in this car have been thoroughly engineered to produce a perfect safety, capability and trust. The main power for this next generation car comes from its front engine which is 1.1 liter 3 cylinder turbocharged engine which can produce 134 horsepower. This engine is paired with a lightweight electric motor, that can produce 161 horsepower with a powerful converter and lithium-ion battery. These all features make this car an exciting next generation sports car offering with a rare combination thinking of fuel and energy efficiency.

XR- PHEV Concepts is equipped with Mitsubishi’s connected car technologies. This system provides an extraordinary level of information and driving related information in a easy and easy to use manner. This system can even reduce road accident by alerting the driver about traffic signal status. The auto braking system, Rearward Blind spot Vehicle Warning, Driving safety Support system, Forward collision Mitigation system, lane departure warning and many other safety equipment truly make it a next generation’s dream car.


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