Toyota reveals the fuel cell vehicle 2015 Mirai

2015 Toyota Mirai 1 Toyota reveals the fuel cell vehicle 2015 Mirai

Back in 1992, leading Japanese car maker Toyota began developing the Fuel Cell Vehicle ( FCV) technology. In 2002, Toyota sold a limited edition fuel-cell based SUV called the ‘FCVH’. Around that time Toyota’s Japanese rival also developing fuel-cell based cars own their own. This led to an unofficial competition between the two Japanese auto makers as to who will be able to launch a mass-produced fuel cell vehicle first. Recently Honda has revealed that their production fuel-cell model the FCV has been delayed till 2016. But Toyota has recently revealed the ‘Mirai’, a production ready fuel-cell based car that will be launched in early 2015 in Japan, followed by launches in Europe and America. The price for the Japanese market has been announced but Toyota is yet to announce the price for international markets.

During the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota had presented the FCV concept car. It was a car with a sedan body style and was given such a shape that it looked like drop of water. This concept car served as the basis for the current ‘Toyota Mirai’. The new car has the following dimensions, 4870mm of length, 1810mm if width, 1535mm of height and a wheel-base of 2780mm. It will have space for 4 people. Design wise it is sure to draw comparisons with the Honda FCV concept as the two cars share similar shapes.

After revealing the car, Toyota has claimed that this new ‘ground breaking’ car is be able to go up to a distance of 483 km or 300 miles on a full hydrogen tank. Once it is drained it will take little less than five minutes to refill fully again.

Toyota claims that with the ‘Mirai’ it has brought the future. Toyota also has plans to build infrastructure for refilling hydrogen, in five northeastern states of USA.


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