2015 Citroen C4 facelift Features and details

2015 Citroen C4 facelift 1 2015 Citroen C4 facelift Features and details

2015 Citroen C4 facelift 4 2015 Citroen C4 facelift Features and details

The world famous car brand Citroen has released their C4 models with some updates for 2015. The car was first launched in the year of 2010 and manufactured from Mulhouse plant of France. The updated version of this car comes with a powerful futuristic engine along with latest light signature and other new generation technologies. This vehicle will be offered with two petrol engines of Pure-Tech and three Diesel engines of Blue-HDi technologies. As per plan this car will to the UK market for sale in spring 2015.

This car is laid on the comfort standard in this segment. This compact hatchback vehicle provides sophisticated design along with comfort in all respect and an exceptional drivability.


There is a chrome finished stripe connecting to the headlamps and in the side there is ribbed designed bonnet curving. These two features of the front end make the car easily recognizable. This new car range will be available with numerous features. The latest light signature of this segment of car creates an expressive and exceptional front end. The new LED daytime running light and the tail lights at rear with attractive 3D effect in glossy black background gives a new energetic touch to this car. The light signature gets a unique touch by the added expression of LED lights to the lean lights that extend to its wings. The latest rear lights with 3D effects highlight the wide but sleek tailgate of this vehicle. With all these features, the chrome finished rear and front bumpers and chrome finished weather stripes along with the latest 17 inch alloy wheels of Miami make a huge enhancement to the exterior of this car. The car will be available in total of nine colors. With the previous colors, now it will be available in Spirit Grey and Platinum Grey, in these two new colors.


Inside the cabin, the car gets some modern and latest designs. There is a latest well equipped dashboard with new 7 inch Touch screen. The seats provide a comfortable as well as a stable support and drivability. There are latest upholstery choices that include Grey or Black cloth from Rayados and the liberal cloth of Grey. The whole interior section is made with soft polished materials. The dashboard is made with soft touch leather. The latest jersey on its roof, the chrome finished steering wheel, the new gear lever, and air vents all give a renovated look to this new car segment. This car is built to deliver the maximum comfort and exceptional driving experience to passengers and drivers. It delivers excellent road lifting technologies that gives unique safe and worry free driving. The McPherson proven technologies are used in front suspension while there are other features like adjustable diagonal beam, and steering of electro-hydraulic system. The car also provides exceptional controls on body roll and gives well response to evasive manoeuvers. There are also unique combinations of modern technologies like electronic distribution for brake-force, Emergency brake assist technologies and efficient traction control with perfect rod handling assist.

For the comfortable ride the cabin comes with comfortable seats with an optional adjustable massaging seat for driver. The windscreen comes with 27° top visibility. The measurement of the huge panoramic sunroof is 1.3m². It comes with an electric blind s an optional extra that provides enough light. The perfect acoustics does the perfect job of absorbing the noise at their sources. Latest techniques are provided as soundproof film at windscreen, engine compartment absorber, and sealing fence on doors and body shell. The audio system is high performance based that uses spatialisation technology along with hi-fi system of DENON with a rear tweeter, digital amplifier and subwoofers.


This car gives enough space, convenience and versatility. Is comes with 2.61meter wheelbase along with 1.45 meter of ample elbowroom. The other dimensions of the car remain same as its predecessors. With 4.33 meter of length, 1.79 meter of width and 1.49 meter of height this vehicle became largest in the category of this segment. This car provides plenty of storage space, door panels, a large glove box, under drawers for front seats etc.


Under the bonnet this car is provided with latest Euro 6-compliant engines, which combine the high performance fuel efficiency. The PureTech three cylindered turbocharged petrol engines give low fuel consumption. The engine comes with PureTech manual Transmission. The engines are well equipped with advanced turbo compressor of 240,000RPM. It provides 110HP (81Kilowatt) of power at 5,500 RPM and 205 NM of torque at 1750 RPM. The CO2 emission rate is 110g per kilometer. The fuel consumption rate is 4.7 liter per 100 km.

Some useful latest technologies are provided with this car for an easy and problem free driving experience. The keyless remote start and entry button of this vehicle is a wonderful feature. The ITC or Intelligent Traction Control unit of this car offers a perfect grip on wet and slippery surface. It also allows the car to move in the right direction. The hill start assist system will allow the vehicle on hold automatically for two seconds for an easy start. The latest Lane Departure Warning and the blind spot monitoring system are also give the car a perfect finishing touch.

The car is going to available in spring, 2015 at the Unite Kingdom market. Let’s see how it can win the heart of car lovers with its numerous striking features.


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