2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift Unveiled for European Market

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift 1 2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift Unveiled for European Market

2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift Interior 2015 Hyundai i40 Facelift Unveiled for European Market

The famous Hyundai motor released their latest i40 Tourer and Saloon car to the car world. It will surely develop the brand’s product list in European market of D- segment. After its launch, the model faces a huge success with a sale of 100,000 units. This success does crucial role in changing the customer’s concept of this brand.

This latest car from this brand features grand design on exterior, a perfectly upgraded diesel engine, along with 7 speed transmission with dual clutch facility. The car improves in ride experience and one can enjoy an excellent drivability. There are other ‘first-for-Hyundai’ safety features. Numerous latest technologies (First seen at the Genesis models of Hyundai) will be available with this segment of car.


This car was designed at the European Headquarters of the company, which is situated at Russelsheim in Germany. It receives an exceptionally visual attractiveness and practicality. In the exterior there are updated rear and front headlamps, elegant hexagonal grille, new front side bumper and latest integrated LED lights like the previous models of this brand, Genesis. This model is getting a renovated look with redesigned 16 inch and 18 inch alloy wheels. Here is some information about the dimension of this vehicle: the Tourer comes with overall length of 4770mm, width of 1815mm, and height of 1470 mm. And the saloon of this car segment comes with 4740 mm of total length. Both of these vehicles come with 2770mm of wheelbase and give 140 mm of ground clearance.


This car will be available with latest technology enhanced engine. It uses 2 Euro6-compliant units of diesel power from 115 PS to 141 PS. These are renovated to provide more efficiency along with increased responsiveness. The latest 7 speed and dual clutch gear box will be available with the upgraded versions of 1.7l diesel engine. This will give more enhanced low fuel consumption rate and provides a complete automatic operation for drivers. There are also paddled gear changing options on steering wheel. All these features together give a joyful ride experience to passengers and drivers. The latest technologies of this segment of car include the features like ISG (Integrated stop and Go), latest management system as well as an active flap on the front for low fuel consumption and emission.

Under the bonnet the car is provided with 1.7 liter Diesel engine with automatic 7DCT technology. The total capacity of the engine is 1685cc. This engine can produce 85 kilowatt or 115 PS of power at 4000 RPM and 280 NM of torque at 1250 to 2500 RPM.

This new vehicle provides a latest ATCC or Advanced Traction cornering Control. This helps the vehicle for a perfect cornering and to enhance the comprehensive agility. This latest technology system uses an excellent electronic sensor for reproducing the conduct of the limited slip in the time of cornering, better grip, enhanced handling and offering extra traction control.

The latest designed drive mode of this car is improved by ECS system. For the Tourer, it will be well equipped on its rear axles. The driver will also be provided with various suspension settings. So that he/she can choose the drive mode of his/her personal choice.

Like all other models of this world renowned car brand, this model is also provided with a package of 5 years Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Europe Only). It is a unique characteristic of this brand to give such warranty package. This package will offer customers 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage, 5 years warranty on roadside assistance, and 5 years warranty on health checks of this vehicle.


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