2016 Audi RS3 Sportback First Look

2016 Audi RS3 Sportback 1 2016 Audi RS3 Sportback First Look

2016 Audi RS3 Sportback 4 2016 Audi RS3 Sportback First Look

2016 Audi RS3 Sportback Interior 2016 Audi RS3 Sportback First Look

The stunning Audi RS Sportback is a treat for the eyes. The only single disappointing think about it is that it will keep us waiting till 2016! Among all cars in the premium segment, this baby is the most powerful of all, as it uses the newest of the company’s 2.5 liter five cylinder engine – the best one in modular transverse matrix.

The exterior is truly magnificent , with the car’s body having been lowered by almost an inch as compared to A3 Sportback and the chassis been upgraded- it sits on an McPherson strut suspension and a real axle made form high quality steel rods. The front bumper looks more sturdy and prominent while the honeycomb grille, matt aluminium mirror housings and widened front fenders are definitely eye catching. Customers have two colors to choose from- Catalunya red and Nardo gray. The front suspension is now broader , being 5.1 feet . Longitudinal and lateral forces are separately managed by the 5 feet wide rear axle. The damper system has an adaptive magnetic ride and can be easily adjusted according to the driver modes. The 10 inch wheels boast an elegant matte titanium appearance. Moreover, the availability of carbon fiber-ceramic brake discs on the front axle makes this model different form its predecessor.

Every inch of the interior screams classiness. The flat bottomed steering wheel is covered in alcantra, while Fine Nappa adorns the comfy leather seats ; these are made even prettier with rock grey stitching. Buyers a have an option of RS bucket seats with carbon seat shells that are about 15 pounds lighter than the standard seats. The rich instrument cluster comprises of a boost pressure indicator, lap timer and oil temperature gauge. The driver assistance and infotainment are akin to the models in A3 series- MMI navigation accompanied by MMI touch. As for the convenience of passengers, the car houses four way lumber bolsters, rain and light sensors and power adjustable heated front seats.

The turbocharged engine produces a power of 367hp and 343 pound feet of torque, which makes it the most powerful engine in the history of Audi. A dual-clutch seven-speed S tronic transmission is available along with an excellent launch control system that enables the car to sprint for 0 to 60mph in just 4.3 seconds. By adjusting the driving style along with the custom software and sensors, the top speed can hit 174 mph. The fuel efficiency is quite impressive, being an improvement of 10 % over its predecessor- only 8.1 liters for every 100 km. The cylinder’s crankcase is strong and light weight as it has been crafted from cast iron graphite. The intercooler that provides cooling and the direct injection enabling a compression ratio of 10.0 : 1 ensure good efficiency. Talking about modes, the driver can either choose one out of the two available automatic modes for the 7-speed S tronic or manually operate the shift paddles. Minimum tire slip and optimal tracking are ensured by an efficient launch control system.

The power to weight ratio is 1 hp : 9.1 pounds, thus making it quite an agile car. Audi has lowered the curb weight by almost 121.3 lb , the new weight being 3351 lb. That’s a lot of weight to shed! To further cut down on the pounds, the model utilizes Volkswagon’s modular transverse matrix that strikes the perfect balance between clever engineering and keeping the weight at bay. An excellent axle distribution management is made possible through proper positioning of the engine along with the battery and multi- plate clutch housed in the front and back of the rear axle.


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