2016 Cadillac CTS-V: Features and details

2016 Cadillac CTS V 1 2016 Cadillac CTS V: Features and details

2016 Cadillac CTS V 3 2016 Cadillac CTS V: Features and details

The Cadillac CTS-V that will make it appearance in the market 2016 onwards, is sure to be the best yet product developed by the brand. This automatic sedan will indeed promise high performance and make its mark among the elite luxury vehicles. According to Johan de Nysschen, the president of Cadillac, the V-series will mark the peak of their technology implementation and design abilities.

The Cadillac CTS- V is actually a luxurious sedan that is blended in with a sports car quite capable in running on a track. Equipped with an engine that delivers 640 HP ( about 477 kW) and a torque of about 850 N-m (or 630 pound-feet), the car will definitely surpass its predecessors and prove to be a worthy benchmark for its competitors. What’s more, the fact that the vehicle actually reaches a maximum speed of 200 mph makes it even more appealing to car enthusiasts and speed fanatics. The amazing supercharged V-8 engine with 6.2 liter capacity enables it to achieve 0 to 60 mph in a short time of 3.7 seconds. The engine employs a compact 1.7 liter supercharger which is matched with direct fuel injection automobile variable displacement technology. This unique technology allows the car to turn off half of its cylinders during conditions of light load, thus efficiently taking into account fuel economy. The smaller diameter of the supercharger rotors allow generation f power-enhance boost earlier. Rotocast A356T6 cylinder ( aluminium) are superior and stronger and are more able to handle the heat and support the high output of the supercharged engine. Along with PAS- performance algorithm shifting, which optimizes vehicle performance, the CTS-V features a 8-speed automatic transmission system (paddle shifting) and launch control. This results in gear shifting in smaller steps and enable higher performance. Rivaling the semi-automatic or dual clutch transmission mechanism, the cutting edge 8L90 transmission enables efficient manual control by means of steering wheel paddles and PAS to deliver improved shift performance.

Now, we shall look closely into some additional features of the car. Apart from a hood and vent (from carbon fiber) the car has front splitters, rear diffuser, and spoilers at the rear to reduce wind resistance. Thus, the design is efficiently aerodynamic. The stiffness of the structure is enhanced by 25% enabling better maneuverability and ride. Superior performance braking (Brembo) provides consistency and durability along with amazing performance (track-day). Damping response is made 40% faster by means of magnetic ride control (3rd gen). The chassis controls are integrated and provide efficient driving be it track performance or for touring. There are also modes that can be selected by the driver for various situations like sports and touring. There are four settings and they are Track, Sport, Tour and Snow. The car sports superior sport tyres from Michelin Pilot wrapped around 19 inch wheels, enhancing their grip and prevents skids. The wheels are 45% stiffer than those were available in its predecessors and the tri-compound technology of the tyres prevents wear and tear to some extent. The car also incorporates many safety features that include auto-parking assist to enable efficient parking , forward collision alerting mechanism, blind zone (side) alerting mechanism, lane keeping assist system and rear cross traffic alerting system. These enable reduction in accidents and safe driving.

The interior of the CTS-V is characterized by suede accents of microfiber and carbon fiber trim with matte finish. The high performance (RECARO) seats further complement the look and its performance-oriented charm. The 20 way front seats are ventilated and heated. During situations of high-load cornering force, the adjustable bolster enables the front passenger seat as well as the driver’s seat in place. The microfiber inserts ( of suede) and seat backs pave way to a luxurious and premium performance feel. Some other available features include decorative stitching and steering wheel ( also sueded). The choices of color available will include a jet black option, saffron along with black (jet) accents and a jet black color with platinum (light shade) accents.

The Cadillac CTS-V also features a instrumental panel ( cluster display) of 12.3 inch which is unique to the car. There is also V-series graphics and full color head up display that can be reconfigured. Cadillac also ensures that state of the art connectivity technologies is available to the users of CTS-V. The vehicle is fitted with Cadillac user experience (CUE) bluetooth connectivity system along with an amazing voice recognition feature. One should also take note of the navigation feature present along with Bose Audio ( Surround Sound). Added to these there is also Apple’s ‘Siri Eyes Free’ that enables driver to give voice commands in order to control mobile devices. This feature, present alongside the text-voice ( which enables conversion of text messages that are incoming to speech, that can be heard by means f the audio system) does indeed reduce human effort and is an excellent implementation of the smart technologies that are available in our present day. Moreover, there is also wireless inductive system for charging your phone. Another feature that is worthy of mention is the OnStar LTE( Long term evolution) connectivity- 4Gwith wi-fi hotspot. This will enable you to surf the internet in multiple systems while enjoying your ride. Then there is the performance data recording system that allows driver to record videos of their driving experiences in high definition and also enables them to share in social media.

All in all, the Cadillac CTS-V with its immense promises will surely be a surprise packed boon for car enthusiasts. So, we should all hold our breaths till 2016, mid summer when this baby will be launched.


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