2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe features and details

2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe 1 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe features and details

2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe 3 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe features and details

Mercedes-Benz is the world renowned car brand. To give a tough competition to other branded car manufacturer, they are now trying to deliver such car that can easily combine our everyday adaptability and seating position with conventional SUV’s commanding technologies. With all the modern features of driving dynamics and an excellent exterior look the GLE coupe from Mercedes- Benz is unveiled as a futuristic sports car with five door liftback with a striking attitude. The car is going to release on North American auto show which will occur in the first month of 2015.

The GLE coupe of Mercedes is built in the same technologies of the M-class, which is planning to rename as GLE in next year, after facing a change with a new facelifted version for the third generation present versions. This SUV is going to give a strong competition to BMW X6 in 2015, when the Australian deliveries carried out.

The two new SUVs from Mercedes- Benz are provided with the same steel made body with a same wheelbase of 2915mm. The unique move that the GLE coupe faced is a broad footprint and an extra handling prowess (described by the German Car manufacturer). It gets improved version of axle geometry; a 3 mm increased front track width and 60mm rear.

Other features like suspension, drivelines, interior appointments and electrical architectures are same for both models. This renowned brand released their Concept SUV coupe in April, 2014 at Beijing auto show. The plans for this new GLE coupe were released there for the first time. With some basic designs that all the concept cars have, this new GLE models have an unique bold presence which makes it an ultimate production of futuristic five seater car.

Compared to the X6(released in 2008), the hugely acclaimed model who was responsible to create a new market premium brand’s off roader sporting car, this new GLE coupe owns a distinctly designed body steel made body that features four traditional front attached door and a tailgate of liftback style.

The length and width of this car is 4900mm and 2003 mm respectively and the height is 1713mm. These measurements of this GLE coupe are longer (23mm), wider (20mm) and higher (32mm) than BMW’s second generation versions that are also planning to be released in 2015 at Australia.

Like the previous concept SUV Coupe, the interior section of this GLE is founded strongly on that what already used by M Class third generation models. The dashboard of the car is provided with new and renovated instruments, high quality materials, new revised control system and a free standing operational monitor. The cabin of this vehicle is spacious enough. Five adult persons together can seat inside the cabin. Mercedes- Benz claims to give the largest luggage space in this class of car.

The brand has confirmed that the three powerful preliminary GLE coupes will be available in a consistent line up of two petrol and one single diesel empowered models. All those models will be available in Australian market and provided with a 9 speed automatic transmission. This automatic transmission will feature the functions like fuel saving, push button start, stop and brake.

The power of the 350d Coupe of GLE comes from a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 basic diesel engine. It will produce 190 kilowatt of power and torque of 620 nm. GLE400 coupe is provided with 3.0 liter twin turbocharged V6 petrol engine that will produce power of 245 kilowatt and 480NM torque.

GLE 450 AMG is topping the list of this segment in the early phase sales. It is empowered with the same 3.0 liter twin turbocharged V6 petrol fed engine like GLE 400 Coupe. But it gives more power than the previous one. 270 kilowatt of power and 520 NM of torque are produced from this engine.

All the models from Mercedes- Benz are equipped with the standard drive system of 4Matic 4 wheel. The brand yet not disclosed the fuel consumption rate officially for this GLE Coupe models till now. But they claim that, the car speeds up from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in only 6 seconds. The top speed limit is 250 kilometer per hour. The car weighs almost 3500kg. Carbon dioxide emission rate of this car will be under 200gm per kilometer.

The bodies of GLE coupe models are made with high quality steel that was used by M-Class third generation. Basic common steel vaults are used in GLE350d and GLE400d coupes. And the 450 AMG sports coupe is provided with air sprung that offers numbers of technical facilities like automatic height controls, enhanced aerodynamic efficiency etc. However, customers can get more cosmopolitan devices as optional facilities.

These GLE coupes from Mercedes- Benz will be manufactured along with the GLE, GLS, GLK, and the C Class saloon car at the manufacturing Plant of Mercedes Benz, situated at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There is numerous on road dynamic facilities provided with this coupe. With all those amenities, the driver can select driving mode of his/her choice from 5 different modes like: INDIVIDUAL, SLIPPERY, COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT PLUS. 20 inch alloy wheels are offered with the GLE models as standard parts. 21 inch and 22 inch wheels will also be available as optional.

As per plan, the car will be debuted at Detroit Motor show, which will occur in the next month. Car lovers have to wait till then to know further about the car.


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