2016 Toyota Mirai features and details

2016 Toyota Mirai 1 2016 Toyota Mirai features and details

2016 Toyota Mirai 5 2016 Toyota Mirai features and details

The Toyota Mirai is truly the car of the future. A unique fuel system has been incorporated in the car. Named the Toyota Fuel Cell System, this new system is far more efficient than the internal combustion engine and leaves almost no impact on the environment. The Mirai is remarkable for its design, its fuel system, non polluting nature and overall performance.

The TFCS is a proprietary technology of Toyota that combines the features of the fuel cell technology and hybrid technology. It uses the FC Stack and high pressure hydrogen tank for the purpose. This system utilizes hydrogen to provide the power for the car. The FC Stack uses 3D fine mesh flow channels which generates a maximum energy output of 114 kW. The FC Stack uses a separate internal circulation system to regulate the amount of water which ultimately influences the energy output. This is the first system in the world which does not require a humidifier. An innovative design of the Toyota FC boost converter converts the energy generated by the stack to 650 volts. The converter is compact with high capacity and has a greater level of efficiency. The third component of this unique power system is the high pressure hydrogen tank. It has a three layer structure constructed of carbon reinforced plastic so that hydrogen can be stored here at very high pressure. Hydrogen is easily generated and compressed hydrogen is not only easy to store and transport but also has a much higher energy density than batteries. As a result, the FCV can deliver unprecedented performance. The hydrogen tank is refueled in only three minutes. Aerodynamically designed clearance lights help to reduce wind resistance and increase the efficiency of the car.

The new FCV system necessitated new safety measures. Special care has been taken to ensure that the hydrogen does not leak or accumulate in the car body. In addition to ensuring that the hydrogen tanks are strong and durable, sensor have been incorporated which can shut off the tank main valves. All the parts related to hydrogen are located outside the cabin so that the leaked gas does not get a chance to accumulate in the cabin. Light yet strong thermoplastic carbon reinforced plastic has been used so that the car can easily absorb the bumps in the road without affecting the system.

Apart from the safety features of the TFCS, the car incorporates a number of standard safety features like pre collision system, a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitor and drive start control.

The Mirai is available in six different colors. The design of the front face is novel while left and right grilles serve as air intakes. The headlights with their four LED lights, visible heat sinks and other sophisticated optical instruments add character to the car. The side profile is elegant while the alignment of the hood and the roof rails impart a distinct sporty and futuristic look to the car. The flowing shape of a water droplet reverberates with the theme of the car – that of drawing in air and expelling water. The bold trapezoidal rear profile conveys an idea of stability and strength.

The interior is spacious yet sophisticated. Eight way adjustable power front seats and motorized lumbar support function ensure maximum comfort. The 4.2 inch high definition liquid crystal display dominates the central dashboard and the display is easily controlled by steering mounted controls. Several features have been incorporated in the car to ensure the comfort of the riders. Such features include seat heaters with two thermal settings, steering wheel heater, air conditioning with eco mode switches and nanoe air purifying technology to keep the cabin fresh.


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