New 2016 Audi Q7 Features and details

2016 Audi Q7 1 New 2016 Audi Q7 Features and details

2016 Audi Q7 6 New 2016 Audi Q7 Features and details

Audi Q7, due to be launched in 2016, gives you every reason to jump onboard. Prof. Ulrich Hackenberg is back at R&D to tell us all about the brand new model. With continuously improving ingenious designs and first- class technology, Audi is giving a tough competition to its rivals- the weight has been significantly reduced, assistance systems enhanced and fuel efficiency upgraded.

Q7 is the very first car that utilizes Audi’s second generation modular longitudinal platform. A drag coefficient of just 0.32 enables it to move swiftly through the surrounding air. Automakers are constantly competing to save on weight- Ford claims to have saved 700 pounds on F-150, while the new Range Rover cut down by 926 pounds. Audi too, seems to be struggling to win this weight race. The new Q7 weighs 716.5lb less than its predecessor. It has a curb weight of just 4398.2lb. The 3.0 TFSI weighs 4,343 lb, while he 3.0 TDI tips the scales at 4,398 lb. It is quite light for a 16.6 long car.

Experts are asking how the makers managed to save so much of weight? Well the answer lies in the craftsmanship and the material used for the giant’s castings, panels and of course its beautiful body. They used ultra-high-strength hot-shaped steel in the making of the extruded sections, panels and aluminium castings. They also used pure aluminium for parts such as the engine hood, all the doors, tailgate, the rear hatch and the front fenders, which helped the vehicle shed 209 pounds. They further cut down the weight on suspension, entirely made of high-strength steel aluminum. And voila! This helped shed a whole 221 pounds. They trimmed more weight by streamlining the electrical architecture. Moreover, the transfer case was incorporated into the eight-speed automatic transmission

The station wagon does wonderfully on fuel efficacy too. It is 26 % more efficient than the previous model, with the fuel consumption being reduced by 28 % in TFSI and by 23 % in TDI. As for the other performance parameters, well its Audi! Equipped with an electrically driven turbocharger, the diesel engine promises an outstanding performance. The improved assistance is evident from the availability of the new trailer assistant system that enables the driver to use a rotary pushbutton, thus guiding through easy back up. The steering wheel can be easily rotated in the opposite direction to aid in back ward driving along a straight route. A warning system is available to avert collision of the vehicle’s rear end and the trailer, in case the steering mistakenly slides to the extreme.

Everything about the interior is hot. It is more capacious, with added room for luggage and passengers as well. Moreover, the seat level can be raised by up to 4.3 inches. This new version of Audi has a wheelbase that is 9.8 foot long. On the dashtop sits a 7 inch screen that lets the driver check out various menus- music, vehicle information and navigation by using a touch pad along with MMI infotainment controller.

It borrows its new grille design from the Crosslane Coupe Concept (2012). The LEDs used in headlights are sculpted in the form of arrows. The new Audi is looks longer and wider, while there seems to be no changes in height. Innovators have somewhat shrunk the exterior in the sense that the car is a bit lower and roofline gently tapers, making it appear more wagon- like than its predecessors. A matte-aluminum trim surface separates the front and rear wheels. The powerful engine has been placed lower in the chassis, thus lowering the centre of gravity by 2 inches.


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