2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept details

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept 1 2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept details

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept 5 2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept details

The famous car brand Infiniti is going to introduce their new production which is a perfect combination of exhilaration and imagination of an ideal Sports coupe. This new product named Q 60 Concept is released at the North American International Auto show, of 2015. The world of car lovers will surely be privileged with the introduction of this 2 door concept car of the brand’s next coupe.

This new variation of this particular segment has a sense of originality as well as it is perfectly suited with the elegant lifestyle. This coupe comes in 2+2 seating arrangements. The consumers of this car will be proud to own this car as it features an attractive body shape, power output beyond expectation and superb quality finishes. All these features along with the expressive and fresh style will make the car stand apart in the crowd.

According to Mr. Francois Bancon (who is the vice president of the brand’s Product strategy), this car touches the height of all emotional and accessible ideas of the brand so far.

The designers penned down all the powerful road features along with class leading performance inside this car. As an obvious result this car comes in a precise contour with sharp edges and striking dips at the side of its body. This car comes in a length of 184.6 inches (4690 mm), while its width stands at 73.4 inches (1865 mm) and the height is 53.9 inches (1370 mm). This 2 door concept car is a perfect embodiment of sports coupe with all its motions and exterior lines which stoke aspiration and desire.

The double arch grille at the tail spoiler gives an assertive look when the car is seen from front to rear. The tail spoiler comes in an aero dynamic profile and the shoulder dips give a clear idea and excitement of what we going to get inside the cabin. The manufacturer of the car also gives minute attention on the enhancement of the wheels. Here the wheels give an athletic look. The 21 inches wheels come with matte black spokes along with glossy black chrome finishes. This look of the wheels gives a class dominating image of the car.

The interior section also privileged with the same refinements. Each and every minute detail have given attention. As a result the cabin evokes an idea of premium atmosphere mated with meticulous craftsmanship as well as texture from three dimensional fields. Inside the cabin the instrument panel, the steering wheel and the door inserts are all wrapped by high quality leather and are beautifully stitched by hand. The high performance of the vehicle is also seen by the carbon fiber that gives the door accents a premium look. Entire high quality control unit inside the car is driver oriented, thus it will help to build the confidence of its driver. The seats are also planted to the car by matching with its other characteristics. A unique leather line is used to give more comfort and a comfortable cushion quilting feeling is also generated from the high quality saddle leather which is used in the seats of this car.

Under the bonnet, this car planted a next generation high quality 3.0 liter direct injected V6 twin turbo charged engine. This engine is made for those cars that belong to the smaller, lighter, efficient and powerful family. The most important fact of this engine is, it can reduce significantly the fuel consumption rate and CO2 emission rate while generate the thrilling torque and power.

The intelligent LED fitted headlamps and rear lamps give a perfect look matching with its other features. Let’s see how this new car wins the heart of today’s motorist’s.


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