2017 Ford GT details

2017 Ford GT 1 2017 Ford GT details

2017 Ford GT 3 2017 Ford GT details

Ford has introduced its brand new supercar that delivers ultra-high performance. Boasting the top EcoBoost® performance, this new model is called Ford GT. The company will be launching more than 12 Ford Performance vehicles by the year 2020. The manufacturing of GT shall commence in late 2016 and it would be launched in select global markets. Moreover, the grand car would be launched to celebrate an equally grand event – 50th anniversary of Ford GT race cars.

A rear-wheel drive, this spectacular beauty strikes the perfect balance between ravishing looks and extreme performance. It has two-door coupe body shell which is aerodynamic and sleek as well. It runs on the mighty EcoBoost engine. The twin-turbocharged next-generation EcoBoost V6 generates more than 600 HP. Agility is ensured by the ingenious use of lightweight technology. Carbon fiber and aluminum have been employed, thus giving rise to excellent acceleration and improved efficiency. The car is equipped with advanced active aerodynamics. The fully active aerodynamic components contribute to the enhancement of braking, stability and handling. The deployable rear spoiler is keyed to the driver input, as well as the speed. Hence, the height and/or pitch angle are adjusted according to the conditions.

The interior features superior technology that ensures control, safety and comfort. Stylish upward-swinging doors provide entry into the two-seat cockpit. The cool driver and passenger seats are integrated into the carbon fiber passenger cell. Such design has reduced seating hardware and weight. Also, it provides a direct sensory connection to the chassis. Adjustable pedals and steering column are present so that a wide range of driver statures can be accommodated. The F1 style steering wheel has all the necessary driver controls. The stalkless steering column enables easy access to the transmission paddle-shift controls. A fully digital instrument cluster offers useful driver-focused data. The display can be configured for different driving modes and for multiple driving environments.


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