Chinese 2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV details

2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV 1 Chinese 2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV details

2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV 4 Chinese 2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV details

2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV Interior 1 Chinese 2015 BYD Tang Hybrid SUV details

China is becoming one of the strongest competitors in present day’s motorist’s world. Among many other car brands, BYD Company limited is one of the most efficient companies. As the New Year has arrived, this famous brand announced that they are going to launch their most popular car the Tang in the market. Like its predecessors the title of the car denotes the ancient history of China. The car gets its name after the famous Tang dynasty. That dynasty ruled over the country for long time and China experienced most prosperous and happy times during the reign of Tang kings.

This car is an Electric SUV that has Dual Mode functionality. Willing customers can book the car from 21st January, 2015, as it will come to the market very soon. Without EV incentives the pricing for this car will start from approximately 300,000 RMB. The announcement of the car’s launching at the market took place at the brand’s Annual International Auto Innovator Conference that happened in Shenzhen of China. As the company claims, this latest car of this brand experiences huge popularity thus it is going through a huge demands. Beforehand, the EV car from this famous brand also went through the same record braking success. The Q series of that segment of vehicles from this particular brand now ranked first position as Best Selling EV charts all across the Globe. That car also ranked 5th position in PHEV sales. After going through such huge popularity and success, this new model is also expected to be a successful model. And thus it will easily surpass the monthly sales amount of the previous Q model of the brand. All these expectations are rooted to the fact that, the country China has waited for a long time to get a Sports utility Vehicle from PHEV. The company announced at the Beijing Auto Show (Auto China 2014) of 2014 that this vehicle is the 2nd generation model from the family of DM 2.0 PHEV car. Not only that, this vehicle is the first one that comes from the much anticipated 5-4-2 platform models of the brand. Now, you may think what this 5-4-2 platform model is. Here, the 5 stands for the acceleration time of the car. This car takes less than 5 minutes to accelerate its engine from 0 to 60 mph (0-100 KM per hour). The digit 4 denotes the 4 wheel drive functionality of the vehicle and the digit 2 denotes the fuel consumption rate of the car. This new car takes less than 2 liter of fuel to run more than 100 kilometer. If we see the car from the perspective of the fuel economy, this vehicle truly gives best in class fuel economy rate that compared to approximately 147 MPG.As per announcement in the innovator’s conference, the present model of this car will be provided with two more sports utility features. But those offers will be available from the latter half of this running year.

Under the bonnet the car gets its power from 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engines. This engine along with two electric motors and one 6 speed automatic transmission is responsible to generate 150 Kilowatt or 205 HP of power and 236 lb-ft or 320 NM of torque. Each of these two electric motors generates 110 KW or 150 HP of power output along with 147 lb0ft or 200 NM of torque. An exceptional acceleration (0 to 100 km in only 4.9 seconds) generates from this class leading engine of this segment of car. The brand has introduced two special edition of the model. The first one comes in red alloy wheels, pricing from 41,629 EURO, and the other one comes along with its entire body kit (pricing starts from 83,370 EURO).


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