F015 Luxury Motion Concept of 2015 from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept 1 F015 Luxury Motion Concept of 2015 from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept 3 F015 Luxury Motion Concept of 2015 from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion Concept 10 F015 Luxury Motion Concept of 2015 from Mercedes Benz

From its very beginning the world renowned car brand Mercedes- Benz fulfils all the demands of its consumers. The brand again is going to prove them best by offering the new F015 in the Motion Concept segment. The car first unveils at the World premiere of Consumer Electronic Show, and gains a huge praise from the first glimpse. The car loving crowd got a clear idea from the first view of what the brand again going to give them in a package with autonomous driving. By providing this car, the brand successfully transforms the meaning of a car from a vehicle in need to a self-retreating space for every individual. So, if you want to experience the ultimate joy of riding a Mercedes- Benz car with freedom of your valuable time, then this car would be surely the best option for you.

This car now features an autonomous attitude by progressing from its automotive mood of the older versions. With this progress, the brand dreamt of going too far with the experimentation of entirely technical automated driving. The car is penned only for the people. Thus after judging the modern trends and outlook of society from every corner the engineers and the designers make the car to fulfill all the demands of people. According to Dr. Dieter Zetche (the brand’s chief and the chairperson of Board Management of Daimler AG), this car is not only a medium of transport, but it also features the mobile living space of present day people. So this car can be truly called as a mobility revolution.

The interior section of this car gets a huge lounge-like space and thus provides ultimate comfort to the rider of this vehicle and it is really something exclusively designed for this car. Each and every corner of the interior section witnessed the minute detailing and there are numbers of proofs to acknowledge the passengers about the modern luxury with proper emotion blended with intelligence. This four-seater car from this world famous brand stands as a true precursor of the mobility revolution.

If you give a minute attention to the car, you can see with 5220mm of length, 2018mm of width and 1524mm of height the concept of this car gets an unusual proportionate. The exterior section is seamless and monolithic. LED head and rear lamps are also large in size. There are numbers of different lighting function-ability in the LED field. The front end of the car is low-slung and the roofline features a flat and streamlined design. The wheelbase appears also in unusually large outlook of 3610 mm. The larger wheelbase with shorter overhangs clearly show that the key attributes of the car is only to give maximum space to the passengers.

Inside the cabin there you can experience lounge like open space. The ambience is perfectly set by quality, elegance and lightness. Organic materials with sensuous feeling are used inside the car. For the seating arrangements a high quality Nappa leather of ice white color is used. The inside color of the car is perfectly contrasted with glass and metal surface with a feel of cool attitude and technological features.

In the interior you will be able to experience four rotating comfortable chairs like seats. The seats also allow face to face configuration.

This car gets its power from its fuel cell. It is built on the F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID technology. The battery of this car can be recharged by the latest induction non-contact technology and the process of recharging can be monitored by the smartphones. The rear motor can produce 100 kilowatt of power at its peak and 200 Nm of torque. The top speed limit of the vehicle is 200 km per hour. Hydrogen consumption rate is only 0.60g per 100 km while the Carbon dioxide emission rate is zero.


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