Facelifted 2015 Mazda CX-5 at 22,295 GBP in UK

2015 Mazda CX 5 1 Facelifted 2015 Mazda CX 5 at 22,295 GBP in UK

World renowned car brand Mazda announces that they are going to release the CX-5 models in the United Kingdom market in the spring time of this running year of 2015. This model is the upgraded version of Mazda’s old CX models. As per this Japan Based company’s claim, this new fully equipped (with standard up-gradation) vehicle will be featuring an exceptional interior trim along with significant exterior improvement.

This car will goes on sale in spring of this year in the market of United Kingdom. The price for this new upgraded car will start from 22,295 GBP to 30,595 GBP. The brand presents sixteen powerful model ranges for this vehicle. All of them are featuring an attractive outer as well as beautiful interior look. This new generation car will be available at the market in three different grades. They are Sport Nav, SE-L, and SE-L Lux. In this ranges of sixteen models, there are three petrol-fed engines. 2.0 liter with two-wheel drive systems will be available with those petrol engines along with six-speed manual transmission. The rest of thirteen engines are from diesel versions. Six from the diesel versioned engines are incorporated with all-wheel drive system and consumers can chose between six speed manual and six speed automatic transmission.

According to Peter Allibon, who is the sales director of Mazda UK, this new range of CX is the only variants from this brand that incorporated perfectly and more clearly the SKYACTIVE technology. For this advanced technology used to build this vehicle, make the company confident enough to produce a SUV in Compact form with exceptional fuel economy rate along with smaller carbon dioxide emission rate. All powerful driving dynamics and the bold performance of this car are really outstanding. This new generation vehicle from this Japanese brand has gone through significant improvements with standard up-gradation on equipment. Thus with all these important up-gradation and enhancements this new generation car is going to rule the price-competitive car markets in the United Kingdom.

Inside the Cabin:

There are some latest enhancements happen inside the cabin of this vehicle. The manual front section seats are now available with height adjustment facility. The car is now going to get a powerful electronic brake for parking, and exceptionally designed coming or leaving home headlights function. Not only that, this new vehicle also encompasses the brand’s own Multimedia Commander along with distinct volume dial. It works perfect for safe, infotainment control and intuitive interactivity. A latest full color, 7 inch touchscreen DAB radio is transplanted centrally in the cabin. There are two different ports for MZD connect and USB connectivity. This MZD connect port also can be paired with Smartphones and it can provide the advantages of internet connectivity. Thus you can enjoy your social networking life, while riding this car.

The Outer Look:

All the new sport NAV models are now provided with latest exterior enhancements. The new 19 inch alloy wheels made of Gun-metal, brighter LED headlights with daytime running lights as well as LED fog lights together give an attractive look of this next generation vehicle.

On board, the riders of the car can enjoy a latest and enhanced Integrated Navigation technology. This technology now is getting bolstered and thus it can give a perfect accuracy, greater search features and free outdating of map for three years. The Lane departure Warning System now encompasses an exceptional Lane keeping Assist System integrated with Driver Attention alert. All these provide the vibration alert and vibration assist on the steering wheel. For a greater safety there are a combination system of both Rear cross traffic alert and Blind Spot Monitoring.


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