New 2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra details

2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra 1 New 2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra details

2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra 2 New 2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra details

If you want a car to enjoy performance and life together, then the Leon St Cupra from Seat will be perfect for you. In this car, the highest performance and the style are featured in a unique way. With 1,470 liter of load space this car can fire from 0 – 100 km per hour only in 6 seconds. This shows how powerful the car is. The exceptionally attractive design, superb quality and separate equipment options are the most important keystones by which this car stands apart from the other vehicles of this segment. By this car, the brand successfully featured their unique value for money image to the world.

This model from this famous band is one of the most admired products as a five door sports coupe. All across the Europe this car successfully clears all the hurdles and wins the car-lover’s heart as a consistent champion in the comparison tests. If you have the car you will surely fall in love with its road manner and design. Another unique touch is added with this car, and it is the space. This car is proudly presented with generous spaces. So, for family and work, hobbies and sports this versatile sports car can be perfectly mated with each aspect of your life.

According to the honorable President of the brand, this car is ideal complement to the company’s line up of high performance car. The secrets of its uniqueness hide behind its expressive driving dynamics and refined performance with a relaxing comfort during a long journey. Thus this vehicle is a perfect projection of the brand value of SEAT and the makers feel proud for the quality and technical excellence it carries.

Under the bonnet the car carries an intensive package of hi-tech powertrain that generates vigorous power to this car. The car gets its power from dual injected 2.0 liter TSI engine with shifting camshaft timing. Variable versions of this vehicle get different power outputs from the same engine (265 PS/ 195 KW or 280 PS/ 206 KW). The car’s state of the art technology is more highlighted through the dynamic DCC chassis control system, the front distinctive lock, the futuristic steering wheel the brand’s own driving profile along with standard fit full headlights of LED technologies.

The vice President of the Research and Development team of the brand claimed that the car is an ideal combination of performance and emotion, with its design along with easy and comfortable driving dynamics while covering a long distance. The car enhanced the technology of state of art with perfect accuracy, but its efficiency also is superb and accurate. The manufacturer of the car invested lots of effort to every minute detail of it as a result; some other useful utilities are also added to glorify it more. With this new version of this model the brand steps forward to another level of its success. The car first launched at 1996 in the name of Ibiza. Since then the models of this particular segment enhanced to become the brand’s iconic model.

Cupra car denotes the feeling of performance, power along with dynamics and this latest model encompasses all those features in its small body perfectly. The top model of this segment comes with an voluntary DSG transmission that make the car accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in only 6 seconds and for the manual transmission the car takes time for accelerate from 0-100 km only in 6.1 seconds. The top speed limit stands at 250 kilometers per hour. The engines of the car generate 350 NM of torque across the variable range (1700 RPM – 5600 RPM).


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