Toyota Topless 2015 Aygo X-Wave features and details

2015 Toyota Aygo X Wave Convertible 2 Toyota Topless 2015 Aygo X Wave features and details

Toyota has introduced Aygo X-Wave convertible. The car now comes with a full-length retractable sunroof. Customers who love open-air city cruising can now enjoy the x-wave roof which is available for £895 as an add-on. This top is electrically retractable, but this cool feature is available only in the five-door top-spec Aygo x-pression model. This option is already available in Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108. Though these two sister cars have options in the fabric color of sun-roof, Aygo X-Wave will be offered with just a black roof. The roof has a folding fabric; it can be rolled along metal roof rails and conveniently stowed at the back of the car.

The canvas top extends back to the rear seats for the pleasure of all the passengers. With this new facility, Aygo is now a strong contender for convertible city cars like Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air and Fiat 500C. The car runs on a 1.0-liter VVT three-cylinder engine. The power output is 69 bhp, while the torque generated is 95 Nm. The exterior looks impressive with the front fog lamps, 15-inch alloy wheels and projector headlights accompanied by LED daytime running lights. The interior is equipped with air conditioning and a rearview camera. Also present is an x-touch infotainment system that features DAB and Bluetooth.


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