2015 Kia’s Trailster Concept revealed : Details

2015 Kia Trailster Concept 1 2015 Kia’s Trailster Concept revealed : Details

2015 Kia Trailster Concept 2 2015 Kia’s Trailster Concept revealed : Details

2015 Kia Trailster Concept Interior 1 2015 Kia’s Trailster Concept revealed : Details

Kia Motors America revealed the boldly designed Trail’ster concept, at the Chicago Motor Show. The terra bronze metallic/polar pearl snowdrift paint along with the armored aluminum skid plates and the roll-top canvas roof are the factors that have captured the attention of enthusiasts. This advanced and capable CUV is perfect for those want to explore. It has been constructed in such a manner that it can be easily maneuvered even on muddy, snow covered and uneven terrain. This light weight and efficient model is ideal for adventurers to escape the city. Specific additions have been made to this model to carry sports gear as well.

This brand’s California design studio, which is the birthplace of the Track’ster and the GT4 Stinger, is the place where this efficient and rugged model was designed. Tom Kearns the chief designer of Kia Design Center of America has said that the production of this car would give their team an idea of Kia Soul’s future. This car is a combination of a SUV and sports car. Similar to an SUV it can go anywhere and the expressive design along with the sports package makes it a compact drive. This electronic rear axle-mounted all-wheel-drive system makes it capable to handle activities like camping, hiking, trekking and mountain biking.

The overall size and shape of this model take after the Soul’ster and Track’ster; however, numerous changes have also been made to give it the rugged look. This shows that the Soul platform is meant for exploring and innovating. The color of the exterior of the Trail’ster has been inspired by springtime mud and snow, as the makers have built this car bearing resemblance to the spring season. The fire-red wheel along with the billet aluminum sections add to the beauty of the precise design that this car offers. It provides an aesthetic appeal and will jell well along with the high-tech sporting gear which it can carry.


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