2015 Mercedes Vito 4×4 specifications revealed

2015 Mercedes Vito 4x4 2015 Mercedes Vito 4x4 specifications revealed

Mercedes Vito 4×4 has been officially revealed. The manufacturer has dedicated this car to buyers that reside and operate businesses in cold climatic conditions. This car has been equipped with an all wheel drive which is rear biased. This system is supported by an excellent traction system which is named 4ETS Electronic Traction System. This system has the ability to brake wheels and offer power to them in case they lose grip. It provides wheels with the much needed traction by powering them adequately and also individually. The effect which is evocative of three differential locks is achieved through this traction system. According to the manufacturer this happens in spiltseconds and a good grip is retained.

When the Mercedes Vito 4×4 will be launched only one engine option will be available. The engine that will soon be available with the car is a four cylinder 2.15 liter unit. This engine has the ability to produce a 140 kW or 190 PS. The torque that this engine can produce is 324 lb-ft or 440 Nm. The transmission that is connected to this engine is a 7G Tronic Plus and due to it the van can speed up with ease. The top speed of this van is 199 km per hour or 123 mph. It is quite fuel efficient as its return is 6.4 liters for every 100 km. For every kilometer that this car travels 169 g of CO2 is emitted.

Mercedes Vito 4×4 is not available in every cold region as of now. However, buyers in Germany can easily order it now. The price in Germany begins at €36,120. The manufacturer has also planned to release two other variants for this car. Both these variants will be entry level cars and will produce outputs of 163 PS or 120 kW and 100 kW or 136 PS respectively.

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