2015 Volkswagen Sharan features and details

2016 Volkswagen Sharan 1 2015 Volkswagen Sharan features and details

2016 Volkswagen Sharan 4 2015 Volkswagen Sharan features and details

2016 Volkswagen Sharan Interior 2 2015 Volkswagen Sharan features and details

The new Volkswagen Sharan is all set for its debut at the International Geneva Motor Show in 2016 and several technical upgrades have been added to the model. The car will become available in the market in the summer of 2015.

The various petrol and diesel engines of the Sharan has been redesigned to improve their performance. These are turbocharged direct action engines whose efficiency has improved by 15%. They also conform to the Euro6 emission standards. There are two petrol engines. One produces a power of 110 kw with a torque of 150 PS while the other produces a power of 162 kw and a torque of 220 PS. Three different diesel engines are offered. They deliver a power of 85 kw, 110 kw and 135 kw respectively with matching torques of 115 PS, 150 PS and 184 PS. The power in all cases except the 85 kw diesel engine is harnessed by a six speed dual clutch gearbox. The coasting function of this transmission system helps to save fuel. In this function, the engine is automatically decoupled from the drivetrain when you take your foot off the accelerator.

Another interesting improvement to the Sharan concerns its on board entertainment system. it comes with Appconnect – a first in a Volkswagen car. It allows the car to feed different apps into the on board infotainment system using Car Play of Apple, Android Auto of Google and MirrorLinkTM. The high resolution display is sure to impress any car fanatic while the other notable features include fast boot up, optimum touchscren performance and fast calculation of routes.

New accents and materials have been liberally used to create a sophisticated interior. LED technology has been used to create a perfectly lovely light cluster and the car delivers a comfortable yet powerful driving experience.


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