2016 Aston Martin Vulcan with 800bhp unveiled

Aston Martin Vulcan 1 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan with 800bhp unveiled

Aston Martin Vulcan 4 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan with 800bhp unveiled

Vulcan has been officially unveiled by Aston Martin. The supercar is a track-only model designed to compete with the best available cars. Its production is limited to 24 units. Vulcan sports most aggressive and dynamic looks – thanks to the several changes that the car makers have incorporated. A wide and powerful looking grille can be seen in the front fascia. It is accompanied by a front splitter. The car is adorned with the various styling cues that are typical of Aston Martin.

The model has been engineering just for the racing track. The monocoque is carbon fiber. Brembo- the manufacturer of brake systems has blessed the car with high-performance racing calipers. These are accompanied by racing discs crafted from carbon ceramic. The front of the discs measures 380 mm, while the rear measures 360 mm.

Coming to the engine, Vulcan is powered by a V12 7.0 liter engine that is naturally-aspirated. The output is greater than 800 bhp. The auto makers are still keeping the other details secret, but it has been reported that the engine comes with 6-speed sequential transmission. The company claims that the power-to-weight ratio is more than that of the GTE cars that race at FIA World Endurance Championship.

The car comes armed with bespoke suspension which has anti-roll bars and dampers- both of which are adjustable. The anti-lock braking system can be adjusted by the driver. Also, the traction control system is variable.

Andy Palmer, the CEO of Aston Martin, says that the car is a thrilling and rare supercar. It has been engineered so that drivers can enjoy a driving experience that is genuinely bespoke and also draws on the rich heritage of the company. True sports car lovers will love this car. Also, this brand new model will define a completely new standard in the class of ultra-high luxury sports cars.


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