2016 Hyundai Elantra GT- price & specifications revealed

2016 Hyundai Elantra GT 1 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT  price & specifications revealed

For the year 2016 Hyundai Motor America has unveiled a renewed model of Elantra GT. This car consists of user oriented features as well as technology. This car was officially unveiled by the manufacturer at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. This car has been given brand new euroflange 17 inch alloy wheels and its front fascia has been redesigned to look amazingly distinctive. The signature sporty looks of the predecessor have been enhanced and this version looks way more attractive and sporty than the past versions. The engine that powers this car is a direct inject gasoline 2.0 unit. The looks of this car along with the power it produces take it to a whole new level and make it amazingly dynamic. The sporty style of this car is acclaimed and handling it is crisp. The interiors are capacious and this car is economical as the starting price is just $18,800. This price does not include freight charge which will be an additional $ 825. Starting from March this year this dynamic car is all set to be available in dealerships.

This car does not come with any other engine options. The only option that is available is the aforementioned direct inject gasoline unit. Buyers will however, be given the opportunity to choose from an automatic and a manual gearbox. The first option is a six speed gearbox with manual transmission and the second option is an automatic six speed gearbox that is equipped with SHIFTRONIC shift control which is manual. This car receives fuel from a GDI system. GDI stands for Gasoline direct injection. The injection of fuel uses is quite high in this car. The GDI system along with the high pressure fuel injection makes the car’s engine response much better than other cars of this class. The path for fuel delivery is shorter and much more direct. This fact enhances fuel efficiency by allowing motorists to have a suitable amount of control over what is known as the fuel mixture. A high pressure pump that is camshaft driven produces a pressure of 2,175 psi and is responsible for injecting fuel. The compression ratio for direct injection is higher in this car. The ratio is 11.5:1 and this ratio is the reason why power is increased. Within the cylinder combustion efficiency has been enhanced by pistons that have been dished. The engine is an aluminum hi-tech one and also features DCVVT or Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing and VIS, which is a variable induction system. This helps the engine perform and breathe better. The output of this powerful engine in terms of horsepower is 173 at rpm of 6,500. In terms of torque this engine is able to produce 154-lb ft at rpm of 4,700. This car’s fuel economy is incredibly impressive.

Hyundai is a manufacturer that is famed for a design language that is referred to as ‘Fluidic Sculpture’. It is the essence of this design that bestows upon this car with slippery drag which is of 30 coefficients. Every design element of this car is aerodynamic. The height has been kept low to enhance dynamicity and an overall aggressive look. The rear end has been given LED taillights. The grille is attractive, distinctive and aggressive. Headlights for this car are wraparound ones and there are creases on the hood that look sharp and provide distinction. The graphic features including a beltline molding on the side body make the car all the more attractive. The gleaming character lines further add to the sporty and aerodynamic style of this model. Interiors of Elantra GT are amazingly versatile. There is enough room for cargo space and there is more than enough room for 5 passengers.


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