2016 Hyundai Veloster features revealed

2016 Hyundai Veloster 1 2016 Hyundai Veloster features revealed

Hyundai is the proud manufacturer that revealed a brand new Rally Edition of Veloster coupe. This car was officially revealed at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. The design of this edition is significantly impressive and dynamic. It also features various connectivity enhancements. With its Turbo R-Spec credentials this car is completely focused on overall performance and performance in terms of suspension. This car in this particular edition also features carbon fiber like aero accents, badging that is unique and distinctive and top notch floor mats. The wheels that set this car in motion are exceptionally lightweight as they are the RAYS lightweight wheels. Only 1,200 cars will be manufactured by the company as this rally edition is a limited one and its production run ends at a mere 1,200 units. Only a single color option will be available for buyers. An unusual yet attractive Matte Blue is the paint that will adorn these cars. Owners are sure to experience exclusivity as this blue is quite unique and also due to the fact that only a limited amount of cars from this edition will be available. This 2016 car will be available from May of this year at the brand’s dealerships.

The wheel design of the turbo model of this car is just as distinctive as its other aspects. This model is also equipped with a DCT or dual clutch transmission that offers 7-speed transmission and is exceptionally performance oriented. A brand new machined finish is what the wheels of this car feature. The turbo exclusive design further sets the wheels apart from other regular designs. The seats of this car feature a relatively sportier design. Also present is a black headline along with a gauge cluster that is electroluminescent. The non turbo version has been equipped with an all new design for 17 inch wheels. Yellow accents along with black seats are available through the non turbo version.

All the models that come under the 2016 Veloster lineup have revamped hoods. There are no vent accents in these hoods. There are however, a deep gray grille, 18 inch wheels that have 10mm wider tires fitted and navigation and audio system functions like Blue Link of its next generation, Apple Siri and HD Radio.

All of these models have certain other aspects in common as well. State of the art powertrain technologies enhance their performance. Cutting edge direct engine technology, fuel economy, low CO2 emissions and spirited performance are some features that all turbo and non turbo versions of this car share.

This car also features character lines, body color mirrors, body color door handles, muscular wheel arches, wraparound taillights and headlights, all of which enhance its fluidic sculpture. The rear design has been redefined by the incorporation of a unique glass hatch and dual exhaust tips that are made using chrome and have been placed in the centre of the rear fascia. These elements jell perfectly well with the overall front fascia.

The Turbo version offers two free flowing, round and distinctive exhaust tips. The sound character within the cabin is a whole lot richer as these models come fully equipped with Active Sound Design. This leads to an enhanced driving experience even more so in the case of spirited driving. The front grille of these Turbo variants is hexagonal in shape and is much bolder and aggressive in terms of looks. Prominent diffuser vents and rear bumper fascia both add to the aerodynamic stability aspect of this car. 18 inch alloy wheels of the Turbo version cars feature bevels and argent spokes. They add sophistication, a high end look and enhance the sporty appearance.


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