2016 McLaren 675LT Revealed : Specs and features

2016 McLaren 675LT 1 2016 McLaren 675LT Revealed : Specs and features

2016 McLaren 675LT 3 2016 McLaren 675LT Revealed : Specs and features

2016 McLaren 675LT 14 2016 McLaren 675LT Revealed : Specs and features

Automobile Revue, the Swiss magazine, recently featured the McLaren 675LT. The extreme performance car is scheduled for its official debut at Geneva Motor Show on 3rd March. The car will have long tail body that reminds of the GTR Long Tail of 1997.

McLaren has revealed details on the mighty engine. 675LT runs on the 3799cc V8 twin-turbo 2.8 liter engine. More than half the parts are new. It churns out 675 HP at 7,100 rpm power and 700 Nm torque between 5,500 and 6,500 rpm. As compared with the 650S Coupe, this is an increase of 25 HP power and 22 Nm torque. It is accompanied by 7 Speed SSG transmission. But power is not the only thing that the engineers have worked on. The car has shed quite a lot of weight. 100 kg has been shaved off, the total weight now amounting to 1,230 kg. The weight loss makes the model lightest in its class. The company has managed to shed the kilos by extensively using carbon fibre for making body panels. Weight has been reduced in the chassis, engine and the body structure parts. McLaren has even done away with the air conditioning to achieve this target.

The power-to-weight ratio is 549 PS/tonne. The excellent combination of greater power and less weight has resulted in the reduction of 0.1 seconds from the sprint time. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 2.9 seconds. Also, it can hit 200 km/hr in a matter of 7.9 seconds. The top speed it can attain is 330 km/hr- which is a decrease of 3.2 km/hr. The CO2 emissions are 275g/km. The new turbos are more efficient and the exhaust manifolds, camshaft and the cylinder heads have been redesigned. The connecting rods are lightweight and the delivery system, as well as the fuel pump, is faster-flowing. All these changes have got the engine M838TL- a unique code.

The front bumper has been revised and a prominent looking front splitter made form carbon fibre sits below it. The front wing end plates are also new and have been engineered to enhance the downforce levels. The car is 4,546 mm long, 2,095 mm wide and stands 1,188 mm tall. As the air makes its way from front wheel arches to the rear bodywork, it gets cleaned. The rear features side sills, also crafted from carbon fiber. The air intake in front of leading edge of rear wheel arch is subtle. The side intake that is located behind the door is more pronounced. Both these are responsible for delivering cool and clean air to the side-mounted radiators.

The company has optimized the aero balance by using the ‘Longtail’ Airbrake – which is 50% larger as compared to the remaining models of Super Series. Titanium has been used for the two circular exhaust pipes. The bespoke crossover system has a complicated design, but it cuts down a weight of 1.1 kg. The car makers have used lightweight polycarbonate for the rear screen. Louvred carbon fibre is present nearby the rear bumper, thus ridding the rear wheels of excessive air pressure.

The car comes in four new bespoke colours – Delta Red, Chicane Grey, Silica White and Napier Green. Each of these body paints is accompanied by a matching interior. The cabin is stripped and the hue and materials are selected carefully according to the body paint. The cabin of 675LT is driver-focused. The bucket seats are carbon fibre-shelled and therefore ultra lightweight. Alcantara® comes as standard for the seats which are utmost comfortable and supportive as well. The logo 675LT can be seen on the headrest of every seat and on rev counter too.


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