Citroen reveals the new 2015 Berlingo Mountain Vibe concept

2015 Citroen Berlingo Mountain Vibe Concept Citroen reveals the new 2015 Berlingo Mountain Vibe concept

Citroen is all set to unveil the new Berlingo Mountain Vibe concept car at the upcoming Geneva Motor show. It is an energetic car equipped with an array of features and best fit for fun and adventure. It has a bold design. The original pink graphics appear on the body panels finished in Mountain Green. Trims have been added at the bottom of the doors and wheels while pink embellishers above wheel arches, colored snow chains and pink foam protectors on the roof bars emphasize the fun aspect of the car. The fog lamp surrounds are also finished in pink as a part of the theme.

The vehicle comes with Grip control function so that it can easily scale the mountains though the boot may be stuffed with adventure equipments. The glazed ModutopĀ® roof and the large windows offer an unobstructed view to the passenger. The interior is comfortable with elegant embossed grey fabric upholstery with pink top stitching.

The Berlingo Mountain Vibe concept is funky, cheerful and says freedom like nothing else. It is essentially a sports car where high quality design can actually offer you a better riding experience. It has a modern hi-tech look which is sure to appeal to those who are young at heart.

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