Europe Gets Honda HR-V 2016 – Features and details

2016 Honda HR V EU Version 1 Europe Gets Honda HR V 2016   Features and details

2016 Honda HR V EU Version 2 Europe Gets Honda HR V 2016   Features and details

2016 Honda HR V EU Version Interior 7 Europe Gets Honda HR V 2016   Features and details

Honda HR-V will reach European markets in summer this year. Customers have two choices for the engine. Both these belong to the series ‘Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology’. Both of them comply with Euro 6 and boast excellent efficiency and responsiveness as well. One is the i-VTEC 1.5 liter petrol engine that generates 130 PS. The other one is the i-DTEC 1.6 liter diesel engine that gives 120 PS. Manual transmission is present with both the engines. The petrol engine is offered with semi-automatic CVT transmission. On some of the grades, Honda will offer paddle shifters.

The cars has Advanced Driver Assist System package. It is loaded with various features to make the driving experience most enjoyable. The standard feature present is Honda’s City-Brake Active system. The car is equipped with – Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Speed Assist, Forward Collision Warning, City Brake Active Assist, High-beam Support System and Traffic Sign Recognition system. The Advanced Driver Assist System shall be present as standard in all the grades, besides the entry model.

The company’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) has a wealth of features that ensure safety. Crash energy is distributed evenly in the front of the vehicle through the network containing connected structural elements. Such a system gives greater protection to occupants in the event of front collisions. This is done by lessening the intensity of forces that reach the passenger compartment. The ACE comes into play in case of over-ride and under-ride situations too. It minimizes the potential during offset or head-on frontal impacts.

Honda has engineered the new HR-V so as to give the utmost smooth driving experience to customers. The body is sturdy and light-weight at the same time. The strength of the body comes from the brilliant choice of material. High strength steel forms 27% of the car’s body structure. Besides being rigid, it ensures a safe ride for passengers. This has made possible a superb linear driving behavior.

The aerodynamics is exceptional. It lowers the wind noise intrusion and enhances fuel efficiency too. The car has a very effective acoustic insulation package to protect the occupants from road noise and therefore ensure a calm interior. The underfloor, floor carpet and the front and rear inner wheel arches- all feature a sound absorption material.

The rear window line and the body shape appear to taper. This gives rise to a side profile that is sporty and quite dynamic. The bodyside features a unique looking swage line. This further adds to the smart and riveting looks of the car.The lower body panels are deeply sculpted and give a robust appearance to the car. The beautifully designed front and rear bumpers ensure that the model is a definite head turner on the road.

The HR-V is available as front-wheel drive only in Europe. Honda Connect is the company’s app-based infotainment system. It features a classy seven-inch touchscreen display that sits right in the middle of the dash. It offers real-time news, traffic, weather, internet browsing and music streaming as well.

The spaciousness inside the cabin can be attributed to the company’s smart packing solutions. The lower profile fuel tank is present under the front seats. Hence this frees the underflore space located under the rear seats. This has enabled the accommodation of Honda’s innovative Magic Seats ® system. HR-V has a spacious interior and the several facilities make it most comfortable for occupants. The company’s Magic Seat ® system blends dashing style with comfort. The seats are covered in soft-touch materials of world-class quality. In the rear, the Magic Seats® can be tuned to various configurations to so as to optimize the versatility of the interior.


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