Ferrari’s new 488 GTB revealed

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB 1 Ferrari’s new 488 GTB revealed

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB 6 Ferrari’s new 488 GTB revealed

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB Interior Ferrari’s new 488 GTB revealed

After numerous teasers Ferrari’s brand new model has been revealed. The venue of this car’s official debut is the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in March. This new model has been named 488 GTB. It is quite apparent that the name has been finalized after much deliberation since; earlier this model was being referred to as 458 Modificata or 458 M. This new model however, is more than just a mere facelift. This car will offer turbocharging to its drivers. The 3.9-liter V8 twin turbo engine is what makes turbocharging possible. In fact, the USP of this car is this powerful twin engine. The top speed of this car is 330 km/ h or 205 mph. This speed can be achieved by this supercar in less than 9 seconds. This car can gain the speed of 100 km/ h in just 3 seconds and before 8.5 seconds it can travel at 200 km/ h. At 8,000 rpm the engine produces 670 HP while at 3,000 rpm the engine produces 760 Nm. The manufacturer’s entire Fiorano track can be covered in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds using this brand new twin tank model.

The dual clutch transmission of Ferrari 488 GTB offers excellent torque management. This clutch is no ordinary one, as it is the latest seven speed dual clutch. The car’s rear axle is powered through this clutch. When motorists floor the throttle this supercar will deliver an incredible acceleration, since that is how the gear ratios of this car have been outfitted. The exhaust of this car will provide an exceptionally distinctive sound. The company claims that this sound is clear and will be quite unique.

Through this car’s air intake scallop one is bound to remember the 308 GTB. They look almost identical. The only difference is that in this model it has been split up into sections. A splitter divides the air intake scallop into two sections. The diffuser of this car has relatively more active flaps and a wider front spoiler can also be observed. The new blown spoiler of this car works alongside the front spoiler to enhance down force. This brand new offering by the renowned brand comes with modified LED taillights. These taillights are also slightly similar to that of the 308 GTB. It would not be wrong to say that the looks or exteriors of this car borrow heavily from its inspiration, which is the 308 GTB. Moving on to the interiors, the very first thing that catches the eye is the satellite control clusters. These control clusters are a brand new feature. The interiors are seamless and the cockpit provides an enhanced experience to the driver. The instrument panel and the air vents have been designed to further enhance the driving experience. Ferrari’s 488 GTB is all about ease in driving and use. The interiors have also received a myriad of the brand’s signature styling elements. Hence, the steering wheel is the same multifunctional one, the seats are wraparound and the division of the tunnel and dashboard also follows the classic look. Revamped versions of the infotainment screen and its graphics interface will be part of the interiors of this car. The ambience within the car is comfy and sporty all at the same time.

According the company this car is perfect for everyday use as well. Individuals who are not professional drivers will also experience exceptional ease. The response of this car has been described as razor sharp. The manufacturer also claims that this is their most responsive model till date. In fact, the responses are being compared to that of an excellent track car.


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