Infiniti releases the first pictures of the 2015 QX30 concept car

2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept Infiniti releases the first pictures of the 2015 QX30 concept car

The Q30 hatchback concept was first showcased in March 2013 and Infinity had later come out with the crossover version of this car. The QX30 concept will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2015. It is a unique concept which combines the sophistication of a coupe with the rugged stance of a crossover. It looks fluid as well as strong.

The car utilizes the MFA platform of Mercedes-Benz. The front is distinguished by an aluminum trimmed bumper while the rear is rounded off by a tough skid plate distinguished by graphics. The trademark dual wave effect of the Infiniti has been created by upward cuts and the intersecting contours. The design is aerodynamic creating an athletic silhouette. Carbon fiber has been used in the roof bars and the lower cadding so as to significantly reduce the weight and improve the performance of the car.

Oversized 21 inch alloy wheels have been used in these cars. The milled spokes made of aluminum in three dimensions come in different shades and add to the style quotient of the car. these wheels allow the car to be surefooted. Infiniti has paid close attention to every aspect of the car and even the roof rails are no mere functional appendages. These roof racks extend inwards on the glass roof so that the rear passengers look out through a unusual sculpture. This creates a unique perspective.

The aim of the innovations implicit in the design of this concept car is to blend in a sense of strength, style and beauty. The car is tough without appearing to be rough. Even the most functional aspects of the car have received artistic treatment. The four cylinder engine powered by gasoline or diesel is coupled with a front wheel drive or an optional all wheel drive.

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