NanoFlowcell QUANT F revealed : details

nanoFlowcell QUANT F 1 NanoFlowcell QUANT F revealed : details

Quant F from nanoFlowcell has been revealed shortly ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. This motor show is just around the corner as it will be held in the month of March. In fact, the venue of this car’s official launch was the Geneva Motor Show and it was supposed to be revealed on the 3rd of March, 2015.

This car is being promoted as the developed and improved Quant E. This car most certainly features enhanced design elements. Appearance wise there is not a stark contrast between this car and its predecessor. However, the overall look is quite eye-catching. The headlights of this car are the QUANTeYES, which are new and improved. nanoFlowcell Quant F has been outfitted with a special rear spoiler. The great thing about this spoiler is that it has the ability of deploying automatically at 49 mph or 80 km per hour. This car features a monocoque which is made of carbon fiber. Due to this monocoque the interiors of this car become a lot more spacious.

The interiors and other specifications are aspects that have received drastic changes. A specifically and newly built buffer system has been offered with this car. This system can produce a maximum output of 2000 amperes. Approximately 50 amperes of current is fed continuously into this system. Automatic transmission with 2 speeds has also been offered. The range has been increased by 800km and this car can produce 801 kW or 1090 PS. The maximum speed of this car is 186 mph or 300 km per hour.

The brand’s Chief Technical Officer has revealed that this car offers a tremendous amount of strength and despite the power that it provides it is exceptionally eco friendly. nanoFlowcell’s Quant F is most certainly a unique and feature rich car he proudly exclaimed.


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