2015 Brabus Rocket 900 Features

2015 Brabus Rocket 900 2 2015 Brabus Rocket 900 Features

2015 Brabus Rocket 900 4 2015 Brabus Rocket 900 Features

2015 Brabus Rocket 900 Interior 2 2015 Brabus Rocket 900 Features

Brabus Rocket 900 has made its public debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This super car is inspired from new Mercedes S65. Under the hood is present the Biturbo V12 6.3-liter increased-displacement engine. It can deliver the peak power of 900 hp, while the maximum torque goes up to 1,500 Nm. Armed with such a mighty piece of tech, Brabus Rocket 900 can race from a standstill to 100 km/hr in just 3.7 seconds.

The car makers have brought about significant modifications in engine peripherals to ensure such top-notch performance. Both the production turbos have been removed and instead, turbochargers have been incorporated. These turbochargers boast an enlarged turbine, a bigger compressor unit and also exhaust manifolds that have been modified. Also included are down pipes have diameter 80 millimeters. More added features are butterfly valve that is actively controlled and a very efficient exhaust system accompanied by free-flow metal catalysts. The aerodynamic-enhancement kit uses carbon-fiber.

In the Platinum Edition by Brabus, customers can choose from 21-inch or 22-inch wheels. The interior is dual-tone and comes in high quality leather. The car comes with the infotainment system called iBusiness. It features the technology of the highest quality – Mac mini, Apple TV, iPad mini and iPod touch. These are controllable through Brabus Remote app that is a custom-developed application.

The car comes with a front bumper that the company has borrowed from S65 but given cosmetic tweaks to it. The attachments to the front bumper and also the front spoiler lip have been coated with carbon-fiber finish. The logo Brabus can be optionally had with lighting- that can be activated using keyless-entry remote or even by pulling the door handle. The shape in the wind tunnel has been optimized and this decreases lift on front axle. These modifications have made possible better handling stability when the car races at high speeds.


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