2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept

2015 Lexus LF SA Concept 2 2015 Lexus LF SA Concept

2015 Lexus LF SA Concept 5 2015 Lexus LF SA Concept

LS 400 sedan, the first Lexus model, completed its 25 years in 2014. Lexus celebrated this special occasion by challenging the company’s design studio in Europe to make a new concept in the sub-B segment; a 2+2 concept that is ultra-compact. And the result is the brand new LF-SA Concept.

The LF-SA Concept has a length of 3,450 mm. It stands at a height of 1,430 mm and has width of 1,700 mm. The surfaces of the car have been beautifully sculpted. The vehicle looks different when viewed from different angles. The angular pattern rises from the Lexus logo in the middle. A three dimensional pattern is visible on the side body work and front fenders as well. The body of the car features convex and concave shapes, which is a very unique feature and this can be seen at the undercutting present above wheel arches. It is mainly present in the rear and is the most noticeable aspect in the exterior.

The spindle grille pattern is prominent in the rear – featuring styling that is double-stepped and angular. The lamp clusters are L-shaped and have a flying-buttress pattern. The car has very compact dimensions in the exterior. But despite of this, it has a very roomy interior. The dashboard design is sweeping and serves to make the cabin appear wider. Since the cabin layout is 2+2, it is certain that the driver would be given priority. The seat has been fixed, while the pedals and the steering wheels are adjustable. Such a design in the cabin brings the car to the driver, instead of the opposite. The passenger seat in the front can be slid. The engineers have efficiently created two elliptical shaped areas within the cabin. These are overlapping but can be easily noticed.

The infotainment system features a display of hologram-style. It has been integrated into the instrument binnacle. Another feature is the Head-Up-Display.


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